New Tour of Winter Tourism Çambaşı Plateau

Çambaşı Plateau, The New Favorite of Winter Tourism: Çambaşı Plateau, located at the borders of Yokuşdibi town of Kabadüz district of Ordu, is one of the favorite centers of winter tourism in the Black Sea.

Mayor of Yokusdibi Yener Kaya, in a statement to AA correspondent, said that Çambaşı Plateau has become a frequent destination for many domestic and foreign tourists and the most Arab tourists are attracted to the region.

Last year, more than one thousand domestic and foreign tourists over the 30 region emphasizing the Rock, this figure is expected to increase further.

Stating that they are working intensively in order to meet the needs of visitors, Kaya said:

“Çambaşı Plateau has been flooded with visitors since both past and summer. We also increased our investments in the region with many beauties. We took a very serious step in Çambaşı Plateau, which attracts attention in summer and winter, by starting the construction of the ski center. There is serious demand from our investors here. Our work on the highland continues extensively. Our goal is to ensure that tourism paradise of Turkey's Plateau in 2015 Çambaşı. "
The biggest ski center in the Black Sea is being built

Emphasizing that the construction work for the ski center has been started within the scope of the works carried out, Kaya said, “This ski center, which is still under construction, will not be the first and only in the Black Sea, but it will be the biggest ski center in the Black Sea”.

Planning within the framework of the ski resort 10 kilometer-long track will underline a rock underlining, said:

“There will be two ropeway lines to enable our citizens to travel on the track. At the same time, there will be service areas within this facility area that can meet all needs. Everything from A to Z will be, such as sports grounds, especially accommodation hotels. Our goal is to serve this center to tourists next year. We believe that will be one of Turkey's popular ski resorts in the Çambaşı Plateau. After the completion of Ordu-Giresun Airport, the importance of the ski center will increase one more time.