Mustafa Sarıgül Against Kanal-İstanbul and 3.

Mustafa Sarıgül against Kanal-İstanbul and 3.Havaliman: Is the analysis made by British Reuters about CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Mustafa Sarıgül as a coincidence?
Bülent Erandaç, from the calendar newspaper, both made a claim regarding the candidate for CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Sarıgül and wrote a column analyzing his latest output.
Erandaç asked two critical questions to his readers:
1-Why does Mustafa Sarıgül oppose Kanal-Istanbul and the 3rd Airport?
2-Turkey wants to prevent the giant projects in England and Germany, how is it that Mustafa Sarigul is in parallel with the power of thought? '
Here is a column written by Erandaç under the title of "British-backed Sarıgül":
“Mustafa Sarıgül visited Milliyet newspaper. He had dinner with his director and writers. A day later, almost all of the authors wrote Sarıgül.
We learned that Mustafa Sarıgül was not hot with the idea of ​​opening a canal from the Black Sea to Marmara, which is known as the "crazy project". If he was elected, he would bring the objection files to the government and discuss them in order to prevent this project.
He did not look favorably on the third airport project. (Güneri Civaoğlu- 23.1.2014) Turkey's strategic focus on the huge project of global brain that England's daughter, political and economic scenario to happen was known to give support to subversive-burning campaign.
A week later, Reutes' final broadcast was very striking. British Reuters especially followed the meeting of CHP Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Mustafa Sarıgül in Fatih Kocamustafapaşa, with a strange headline, "It's Time for Power to Go ..."
Reuters claimed that Sarıgül embraced every segment of society and commented, “In Fatih, the historical heart of Istanbul and where the conservative section is located, Sarıgül's party, CHP, hopes to make a revolution”.
This support had to be a means.
Isn't it meaningful that Reuters, which supports the effective position of the British Empire's intelligence system and the defense machine of British policies, liked and supported Sarıgül?
Background of interest
There are very, very important reasons why England is closely interested in KANAL ISTANBUL AND 3rd AIRPORT. What had been asked from the government after the Gezi Events started? "Channel Istanbul, 3rd Airport, 3rd Bosphorus Bridge should not be built"
Nowadays, battleships have grown, the sea traffic flow contains new equations.
The UK opposes Kanal Istanbul to use its right to be uninterruptedly involved in global games over the Bosphorus. Because the new channel entirely appropriate to the national interests of Turkey, one contains features not involved in. It indicates the NEW POSITION OF OUR NATIONAL HEGAMONIA.
In addition to strategic and diplomatic rights, the project will have other benefits ...
If the 3rd AIRPORT is built, Turkish Airlines will take over a significant portion of the air transfers. 100 million passengers will pass through Istanbul. THY will thus close one of the life vessels of the German airline company Lufthansa and the British company British Airways.
England, because it is coming from within the hegemonic position of the century, the Middle East and Africa, but the region 'New Turkey should establish air bridges, not the main transfer center, do not allow to develop the political and economic hinterland' with the idea, opposes 3.havalim field.
We have a German-British coalition.
CONCLUSION: broadcast worldwide provider Reuters, just strategists assess the flow of news between 2013-2014 "Turkey's efforts to enter the amazing capillary vessels.
It is not a foreign news channel, a British manipulation Turkey's ambition to design a machine located in the internal politics "can not get them to say.
The main point of our nation is the following:
Why does Mustafa Sarıgül oppose to Kanal-Istanbul and the 3rd Airport?
Turkey's giant project while trying to prevent the United Kingdom and Germany, how is it that Mustafa Sarigul is in parallel with the power of thought? "


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