Deputy Yavilioğlu Explained the Privatization of Palandoken

Privatization of Palandöke, Deputy Yavilioğlu Explained: AK Party Erzurum Deputy Dr. Cengiz Yavilioğlu made statements about the privatization of Palandöken Ski Center.

Stating that an investment of 2011 million TL in the 650 Unıversıade Winter Games does not lose its functionality, Dr. Yavilioğlu said that for the efficient use of the mountain, infrastructure works must be done. Expressing that they have done the necessary work to bring the management together from a single source, Dr. Yavilioğlu said, “The operational ownership of the mountain belonged to several organizations. The property of the mountain assets, tracks, lifts, hotels belonged to more than one organization. We spoke at the meeting and they had to be gathered in one hand. The reason for this was that the institution that owned the property would dispose of the equipment arising from the right of ownership. In this way, businesses would not be inefficient, and the entries and exits would not be controlled. The state has invested 650 million dollars here. This should be used efficiently for Erzurum. Its ownership belonged to the Governorship, Special Provincial Administration, Youth Sports Provincial Directorate and other hotels and clubs. Thus, we gathered the property business in one hand. Ownership belonged to the privatization administration. The second was that the administration was gathered from one hand. There were facilities belonging to the new administration, Youth Sports Provincial Directorate, Provincial Special Administration, Ski Federation and a few hotels. There were several titles here. We collected this from a single source, ”he said.


Emphasizing that they agreed with an experienced firm for the promotion of Palandöken and Konaklı Ski centers and other infrastructure works, Dr Yavuluoğlu said:

“The infrastructure had to be strengthened. Management convened and Palandöken and Konaklı departments were formed, there is a manager and a deputy. This administration is under the Privatization Department. We have managed this place with the existing staff. 22 employees with gravel were recruited so that the administration could see its services. They started working on a contract basis. Technical staff including engineers, finance, tourism operator, business manager, civil engineer, geologist, city planner, mechanical engineer, electronic engineer were provided to meet the needs of the mountain. This was an important infrastructure service. Personnel were recruited from Erzurum. We said we would hire a consultant firm, and we wanted to work with a company that would have the knowledge and experience to promote the mountain well both locally and nationally. The tender was held and a consultant firm was hired. International companies were hired. They have experience at the consulting and business level. In many European countries and ski centers, he is the owner, the operator and the consultancy service. Ski infrastructure unfortunately not strong in Turkey. We are not equipped to compete with international ski resorts. These people provide information on how to run a ski business and train the 22 people we recruited. They are promoting Erzurum abroad. This is one of the things we expect. Bringing customers and tourists to Erzurum. We have hired them to integrate Erzurum with Palandöken facilities internationally. Therefore, it will also provide consultancy for investments to be made in ski centers. The reconstruction project of the mountain has also been completed. In fact, the master plan of the privatization administration came out. They will provide the consultancy firm with a sketch of how the distribution will be made, which facility will be located where and how it will be used. Since the zoning plan of the mountain is in privatization, the authority is not in the municipality, but in the Privatization Administration. The consultant firm did not seem to give a job directive while coming here. 12 teams in every field working in the field. He even goes up to snow crushers and works in the field. There are 5 people in the think tank. Every month, 3 people come here to make their marketing work abroad and report. 20 people work like this. 5 people make plans, so they have 25 employees. We have 22, 47 people work in a qualified way. We matched 22 people with a consultant firm. When that consultant company goes here, there will be a professional team that knows these jobs. In this way, the job will be learned. We will buy the product of this work in a year and a half. "


The decision of the Directorate General of Privatization Administration, Erzurum Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center Management Department, which is in charge of the management of Palandöken and Konaklı Ski Center included in the scope of privatization, kept the agenda busy for a long time.

Clarifying this issue, Dr. Yavilioğlu said that a single price will be taken on the whole mountain. Stating that his discussions started right here, Dr. Yavilioğlu said, “One of the works done there was a search and rescue tender. Gathered in one hand. Dedeman is in it. Another security system gathered from one source. Single ticket system. The health system was also tendered to collect it from a single source. When nobody made an offer, the establishment of an A type clinic came up. Doctor and ambulance will be kept here. The aim is to collect the healthcare system from a single source. Even the only system in something important. The discussion is happening right here. Xanadu charges 35 TL, Polat 30 TL, private administration 30 TL. Tourists who come to the mountain want to skate all over the mountain. He wants to use the whole mountain. When you collect these, the cost of a person who wants to slide on the whole mountain becomes 120 TL. With a single ticket system, this 120 TL will decrease to 30-35 TL. They'll slide down the whole mountain at this price. We make the necessary interviews. This is also very important in terms of infrastructure. The issue of whether our friends are charged from active athletes and trainers should be discussed here. In Article 4736 of the Law No. 1, we say that 'no free or discounted tariff is applied to any person or institution', now the infrastructure for this should be established. We look at the event with a business logic. The price was 59 Turkish lira, as it was considered as an enterprise clause in article 35 of the Constitution. It was reduced to 5 TL for athletes. This was also too much, 1 lira was reduced to 1 lira as a legal requirement as required by law. I think it is the solution for their troubles for now. Text studies are carried out in the Council of Ministers. I gave the necessary information to the ministers. After signing, both licensed athletes and their trainers will benefit for free. It is currently being carried out with a figure like 1 lira. We will take it out as soon as possible ”.

Dr. Cengiz Yavilioğlu also stated that everyone who buys a ticket is insured and said, “In a possible accident, the person buying the ticket will have insurance. In addition, another issue is that the pond repair will come in April with the consulting firm and a foreign team. So we will make the snowfall date useful for everyone without waiting. A renovation will be made to the theater in Konaklı. In the first place, a 40-room svit hotel will be built. This work is not for Erzurum, important in Turkey. Serious work is being done. "In order for the investment of 650 million to have a future and the facilities not to remain idle, the infrastructure works must be completed."



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