Metrobus with his truck hit the road

Firefighter crewed into the Metrobus Road with his van: Fire crews pulled out the jammed driver of the truck that entered the metrobus road by breaking the barriers on the Golden Horn Bridge. Metrobus and E-5 traffic is disrupted.
By breaking the barriers, metrobus entered its path and ...
The 34 DH 8826 plate pickup truck, under the direction of Yeliz Ada, which is in the direction of Mecidiyeköy from the Golden Horn Bridge, is out of control at the exit of the bridge. In the accident that took place at 16:45, the van broke the barriers and entered the metrobus road. Yeliz Ada, the driver of the raking truck, got stuck in the vehicle. Firefighters came to the scene upon the notice of the citizens and took the injured woman from the vehicle to the ambulance. By entering the Metrobus route, the trips were provided from a single lane for about an hour due to the vehicle burning. Long vehicle lines were formed in the direction of Golden Horn Bridge Mecidiyeköy. It was learned that the driver who was injured in the accident had no life threats. The traffic flow returned to normal after the vehicle was lifted and loaded with the help of the crane, which was brought to the scene.



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