Expert tension in Aslı Nemutlu case

Expert tension in the Aslı Nemutlu case: The lawsuit filed against the death of the national skier Aslı Nemutlu, who died during the training in Konaklı Ski Center, continued today at the 4th Criminal Court of First Instance. Expert tension between the judge, Haşim Kızıltaş and Lawyer Asım Kılıç.

The court, headed by Judge Kızıltaş, included Aslı Nemutlu's mother Ayşe Elerman Nemutlu, her lawyer Sinem Oskarbaş, the accused Fidan Kırbaç Özbakır and Süleyman Dilik's advocate lawyer Tuğçe Destılmaz, and Özer Ayık's advocate lawyer Talat Göğebakan and lawyer Asım Kılıç.

Expert tension between the lawyer Asım Kılıç and Hakim Haşim Kızıltaş. Attorney Asım Kılıç stated in his defense: “We stated that Fırat Coşkun, who was chosen as an expert by your court, would not be impartial because he was related to other expert İmdat Half. However, the court has not ruled for 34 days. Now, by repeating the error, you do the appointment of the expert as you know without asking us. We have been looking for faculty members with sufficient expertise in the field for 1 year. But leaving all of them aside, you are throwing a person who has not yet learned in the School of Physical Education. This case needs to examine the international documents. ”

The expert tension dialogue between the lawyer and the judge was reflected in the record as follows:

Lawyer: “There was no help. You wrote secretly ”

Judge: "You have another problem."

Attorney: "In our legal understanding, the expert is appointed first and then the discovery is made in the legal procedure."

Judge: “I am a 25-year judge. My applications are like this ”

Lawyer: “Maybe, I am a 29-year lawyer too”

Judge: “Will you know my job better than me? You never know. You have the right to appeal to a higher court ”

Lawyer: “But you are the obstacle”


National skier Aslı Nemutlu lost his life as a result of an accident while training at the Ladies' Super-G Track on January 12, 2012 before the Alp Discipline First Stage Competition, which was planned to be held in Erzurum Konaklı Ski Center.

After Turkey Ski Federation President Özer sober Event of about seven people, including "negligent manslaughter" charges of 7 years up to 2 years imprisonment lawsuit it was filed.

The court decided on the discovery of 17 March 2014.