The train carrying LPG in Russia took the flame 65 wagon was ash (Video)

The train carrying the LPG in Russia took the flame 65 wagon was ash: the train carrying LPG in the Kirov region of Russia lit up. 89 wagon of 65 wagon burned. People in the area were evacuated.
Kirov Region Governor Nikita Belih, Gorkovskaya railway station in Pozdina 700 announced that the person was evacuated from the region. Agon The train had a total of 89 wagons, u said Belih on Twitter. Two-thirds of them are burned. Citizens were evacuated from the buildings and private homes in the area. Böl The governor stated that some of the garage-like structures that people did not suffer were damaged.
It is stated that after the train derailed, it got flame. More than 20 firefighters intervened in the fire control. She was glad she wasn't dead or injured.



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