Emek-71 Evler Tram Line Trial Trials Started

Emek-71 Evler Tram Line Trials Started: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the Project of Extension of Tram Lines in the three different regions of Eskişehir, within the scope of the Labor-71 Houses line began test driving tram.
The first test drive, the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality. Dr. With the participation of Yılmaz Büyükerşen. The locals showed great interest in the test drive of the tram.
In the statement made from the relevant municipality, the first tram services began at the end of 2004 year, immediately after the first stage of the service of the Metropolitan Municipality of tram lines to the other points of the city began to work said. In The prepared project was submitted to the approval of the State Planning Organization. However, 2011 has not been approved for several reasons. After receiving the necessary approvals, construction works were started in 2011 in three regions. Tram lines were extended in Emek-71 Houses, Batikent-Camlica and Yenikent-Cankaya lines. The currently used tram lines 16 kilometers. With the introduction of new lines, the total line length will exceed 40 kilometers toplam.
The Labor-71 Homes line, which has been started on trial, is reported to begin carrying passengers in the near future.

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