XYUMX to Konyaya. the tram has also arrived

XYUMX to Konyaya. the tram arrived: 6 October 17 by the Metropolitan Municipality of Konya, 2012 tram to the car after the tender for the purchase of the 60 tram to the existing car fleet, 6 tram came to Konya
The first concrete step for the renewal of the trams, which had long occupied Konya's agenda, was laid on October 17. 17 In October, the Konya Metropolitan Municipality was awarded the tender for the renovation of the rail system in Konya and the purchase of new trams. As a result of the tender, an agreement was signed with Skoda for the 60 tram. For the Alaeddin-university tramway, 60 tramway vehicles, 58 pencil spare parts and 1 units began to receive the Metropolitan Municipality trams, which carry out the procurement of goods. As of today 6. While the tram was coming to Konya, 2 completed the tram tests and started to carry passengers. In the coming days, the 4 tram is expected to start taking passengers after more test runs. Authorities say 3 will be included in the service fleet every month.

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