Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Line will be 200 kilometers per hour

On the Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Train Line, speed will be 200 kilometers per hour: It is stated that the current speed of the trains running between Konya and Karaman will increase from 120 to 200 kilometers per hour.
Governor of Karaman Murat Koca examined the ongoing works on Konya-Karaman High Speed ​​Line. Koca, who received information from the authorities at the construction site of the relevant company across from Karaman Train Station, said that once the project is completed, the speeds of trains running between Konya and Karaman will be rearranged at 120 kilometers per hour.
Stating that the project price prepared for the conversion of the single line between Karaman and Konya to a double line is 235 million 25 thousand 754 liras, Koca said, “The projected completion period of the project given on February 17, 2014 is 40 months. The work started from Karaman and continues rapidly. ”
Expressing that the line between Konya and Karaman stations is 102 kilometers long, Koca said, “When the project is completed, the speeds of trains running between Konya and Karaman, which are 120 kilometers per hour, will be rearranged as 200 kilometers. Within the scope of the project, a second line to be built next to the existing line and the infrastructure and the upper structure of the existing line will be changed according to the new speeds envisaged. ” Stating that the excavation works of the 2-kilometer part from Karaman to Konya have been completed, Koca said:
“The excavation work of the 4-kilometer section following this line has also reached the completion stage. The filling works of the first 4 kilometers of excavation are continuing. Under and overpass works have been initiated. Necessary approvals were obtained for expropriation studies. For the expropriation works, a reconciliation commission was established at the Karaman station and negotiations were started with the citizens. There is no problem to prevent working within the first 36 kilometers from Karaman to Konya, and the expropriation works of the next part continue.

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