Better service in Konya Garda destination

Konya Garda target better service: In order to provide better service in Konya Station Directorate, the managers of TCDD 6 region 7 region and YHT Regional Directorates and representatives of non-governmental organizations met under the leadership of Konya Garage Manager Yalçın Tekkalmaz.
In order to provide a better service in Konya Garage Office, managers and non-governmental organizations from the Regional Directorates of TCDD 6 region 7 region and YHT met and met in Konya for the morning meeting and hosted a consultation meeting.
Konya Garage Manager Yalcin Tekkalmaz chaired by the consultation meeting TCCD 6. zone 7. Regions and managers of the Regional and YHT Regional Directorates, representatives of Konya Branch Chairman Necati Kate, Public-Sen, Officer-Sen and other non-governmental organizations participated in the meeting.
The Republic of Turkey State Railways Directorate of Konya Railway Station, unity, solidarity, cohesion and to provide better service in Konya made in the consultation meeting to determine their goals.
During the consultation meeting chaired by Konya Garage Manager Yalçın Tekkalmaz, the speakers expressed their thoughts and wishes about more efficient management, safety practices, staff and customer satisfaction studies and institutional renewal.



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