Konakli Turkey's Biggest Igloo in Progress

Konakli Turkey's Biggest Igloo in Progress: Palandöken in Erzurum and Konakli the business of making Privatization Administration Ski Centers Presidency, a 15-person team brought from Andorra, Turkey's largest igloo cage (snow cafe) is doing it.

2011 World University since its construction in Konaklı Ski Winter Games opened in igloo cafe is the first of its kind in Turkey. Dani Buyo, who said that they made the igloo cafe in Konaklı Ski Center, similar to the Alps, stated that the cafe will be 16 square meters. Emphasizing that 2 cubic meters of snow is used for the 150-room igloo café, Buyo stated that the café will be 5 meters high and said, “We pour snow on the blown giant balloons with snow blowers. After this process, we will pour water on the abdomen and turn it into ice. Then we will take the balloons out and work like sculptors inside and outside. The igloo house, where some of the Eskimos live permanently or during the hunting season, will add a visual beauty to Konaklı. This place will serve local and foreign tourists as a cafe until the end of the ski season. ”

ongoing construction in front of the facility and on Saturday, the governor, to be opened by the Ahmet Altıparmak igloo cafe in Turkey wife and so there is the added Dani Buyo, "will show how different things can be done in the ski centers," he said.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:17

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