13 Skier Injured In Kartalkayada

📩 24/11/2018 13:13

Injured Skier Kartalkaya'daki in 13: 13 Bolu Kartalkaya holidaymakers of Turkey's most important ski centers, passing by were injured in the accident runway.

The ski resort Kartalkaya is at the top of the Köroğlu Mountains. The holidaymakers who want to enjoy the snow coming this year, flocked to the Kartalkaya Ski Center with the schools going on holiday.

There were also accidents in the ski center where the tracks were full. Kartalkaya hotels in the region while skiing in the balance of skiing 13 vacationers were injured in various places. AT, İ.H., CY, T.Ç., KT, AC, TS, AE, AEC, NK, CG, MNG and DA were treated by the health teams in the hotels.