Kader Yavuz Didn't Recognize On Ski

Kader Yavuz Skiing Obstacle Did not recognize: Ergan Ski Center in the City of Skiing in the first place, participating in races Ayse Kader Yavuz disabled athlete was the first.

At the end of last week at the Ergan Mountain Winter Sports Center, the contest was held in the 2 category, including the tiny men, the little ladies, the children's 2 men, the children's 1 ladies, the children's 7 women, the young men, the big men and the 15 athletes. Sümer Vocational Training Center 2 / Class A student who attended to the competition in 9 Women category won the first place in Ayse Kader Yavuz category. 15 Kader Yavuz slalom at the age of the competition as soon as possible to finish the first pride. The managers of the Sumer Vocational Center stated that they were very proud of the success of their students in the field of sports. The names of the athletes in the competition organized in the category 7 is as follows; Ler Tiny Men; 1 Ali Polat, 2 Kadir Can Kahve, 3 Ertürk Mersinlioğlu, Little Ladies; 1 Bersu Özlü, Vildan Mersinlioğlu, Children 2 Men; 1-Oğulcan Akar 2-Ali Pak Child 2 Ladies; Kadir Yavuz, Tuğçe Enough Kids 1 ladies 1 Edanur Ayça Soğylu 2 Bengisu Erçetin Young Men; 1- Alperen Mazlum 2- M Unsal Pilgrim Great Men; 1 Orhun Uytun, 2 Emre Private.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:19

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