The name of the Izmit tram system is not bad but the color is wrong

The name of the Izmit tram system is not bad, but the color is wrong: The first results of the long-running survey regarding the tram that the Metropolitan Municipality promised in 2009, brought the model and put it in Anıtpark Square as the 2014 elections approached.
Over a month in which the tram was exhibited in Anıtpark Square, 15 expressed its opinion about the name and color preference of the Izmit up to a thousand. The most preferred name was Izmit Ray with the distinction of distinction, while the most preferred color was edil Green-Black Uzak.
I don't need to say anything for the name of Izmit Ray. A shorter, more original name could be found. But the name of Izmit Ray is not bad either.
However, I think that the exterior color of the tram that will go through Izmit should not be dark. Since we cannot save Kocaelispor with the color of the tram, a lighter color should be preferred and it should not darken the people and the city. I think the silver color of the sample tram exhibited in Anıtpark is much more beautiful. A bitter color ...
The Metropolitan Municipality should be more careful in choosing the colors. It would be wrong to choose the dark green-black color because one third of the 15 thousand people who voted for the tram in this city chose it.
The issues that are important both from the color and the name of the tram are when this system will be established, whether it will pass through the Walkway, Cumhuriyet or Hürriyet Caddesi or another route.
Metropolitan should stop displaying the tram cabin and reveal its final decisions on these issues.

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