İZKARAY will unite with two collar

İZKARAY will be combined with two collar: AK Party Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binali Yildirim, will carry the future of Izmir, the city will give life projects announced.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Binali Yildirim, the future of the city will bring life to the city, announced the project. Anafikrini lar Izmir's clogged veins ından, named ler İzmir's passion for life inin, lar İzmir's young, dynamic population, unique nature, the social spaces of the history of cities and the interaction power between the settlements lar took place in Hayat İzmir, 9. The total cost of Life Izmir, where the 1414 project takes place, was announced as 65 billion pounds and the total employment was announced as 170 thousand people. Izkaray Marmaray project is located between the 1414 after Turkey's second tube tunnel will be heralding the Lightning, "will unite the two sides of the İZKARAY project. We will unite the north and south. Why our citizens coming from Çiğli will be persecuted to go to Çeşme. Let İZKARAY with 6 per minute. İZ
AK Party Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Binali Yıldırım announced the "Life Izmir" projects that will carry the city to the future with the slogan of "Urbanism Movement of the Century". 'Life Izmir Urbanism Movement' meeting was held at Balçova Kaya Thermal Convention. Deputy Prime Minister Hüseyin Çelik, Turkish Airlines General Manager Temel Kotil, Turkish Media Chairman Ethem Sancak, Turkish Media Media Group President Cengiz Özdemir, AK Party deputies, mayor candidates and leading names of Izmir business world attended the ceremony.
Action plan for Izmir
Binali Yıldırım said: “Hayat İzmir is an urbanism movement that is focused on solving İzmir's problems. It is a collective governance movement and form that takes its power from the people of Izmir. It is a form of local governance extending from neighborhoods to districts. There are 9 main headings in Hayat İzmir. These are social, transportation, ecology, barrier-free, tourism, green, world, art, culture and urban life. These headings constitute our action plan for Izmir. Life Izmir takes its idea from 'the blocked veins of Izmir', its name from 'Izmir's passion for life', 'its energy' from the young, dynamic population, unique nature of Izmir, the social spaces of the history of cities and the power of interaction between settlements.
1414 project in Izmir
For İzmir, Yıldırım stated that agriculture, industry, tourism and cultural industries are key sectors. 261, Life in Transportation project; 196, Life in Ecology project; 179, Urban Life project; 142, Healthy Life project; 75, Culture and Life in Art project; 210, Social Life project; 220, Project for the Envoyed Life; 96, Technological Life project; 35 project starts with a total of 1414 projects. Yıldırım said, proj The urbanism movement that we started with the 1414 project will be updated with the participation of the people of İzmir and the projects will increase and be shaped Yıldırım.
”We're not putting our hand under our heads“
stating that it was only the xnumx'ünc Izmir Turkey's largest city by population Lightning, "however, it comes in all indicators in the back row. Let's not eat a right to the second place. That too is unstable construction. Izmir, second place after Istanbul, I wish I could share more beautiful things. Izmir always boasts the past, because Victor Hugo called this city a princess, Evliya Celebi spoke of the city with great praise, and the city that Alexander the Great said would be incomplete. Firms of Sezen Aksu. İzmir will surely experience its past, but will look forward to the future. Unfortunately, Izmir is not hopeful about its future, but cannot see its future. What is Izmirli's crime? Is this because of Izmir. Of course not. The responsibility here is those who lead this city. According to the eye, this city is allowed to become the loss of blood loss. Nobody escaped. We made the choice. Now we're in town. If we choose our non-residents, we will carry our projects by putting our heads on the stone. I love the hard. For me it is made difficult immediately. The impossible takes some time. Everything in Izmir is easy now.
İZKARAY will unite with two collar
Stating that one of the most important projects is İZKARAY, Yıldırım said: X The 1200 m tube passageway and the 6000 m bridge will connect Çiğli to the Çeşme motorway. İZKARAY, which will be used in railway and rubber wheeled passes, will be connected to İZBAN line and new tram lines. 3 strip going, 3 strip is planned to be found on İZKARAY dual line rail system to be found. With the addition of the 56 kilometer from İZBAN line, the tourism potential of these districts will be increased by connecting to Bergama from Aliağa with the addition of 26 and from Torbalı to Selçuk and the extension of İZBAN line will be extended to 190km. A total of 26 kilometers of the rail network will be built in the 5 stage. We will combine two sides with İZKARAY project. We will unite the north and south. Why our citizens coming from Çiğli will be persecuted to go to Çeşme. Let the 6 minutes with İZKARAY.

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