Announced Call from İZBAN Employee to Yıldırım and Kocaoğlu

📩 29/11/2018 22:31

Announced Call from İZBAN Employee to Yıldırım and Kocaoğlu: Unionized personnel working in İzmir Banliyö Sistemi A.Ş. İZBAN employees attracted the attention of Metropolitan Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu, CHP member, and Binali Yıldırım, candidate for AK Party Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and asked for a solution.
İZBAN A.Ş., in which TCDD and İzmir Metropolitan Municipality are 50 percent partners. After the dispute in collective agreements that started in May 197, which included 2012 machinists, maintenance technicians and station employees working in the suburban line operated by the company, the crisis occurred when some machinists made a work stoppage action for the first time in the morning in September 2012. Izmir residents who were late for work and school suffered. Then, 15 mechanics who did not go on the expedition were dismissed by phone message.
Upon this, İZBAN employees acted in front of the Headquarters. Later on, 15 personnel were taken back to work after they expressed their regrets. Wages were determined by the Arbitration Board, which made a bid lower than the last bid of İZBAŞ A.Ş.
İZBAN personnel took action today again to draw attention to the low wages and the imbalance with non-unionized employees. However, this time, instead of taking action, advertisements were placed in newspapers. 'The people of İzmir and İZBAN A.Ş. The announcement, which started with the heading 'to the attention of the management, continued with the words' We are proud of İZBAN A.Ş.'s architect, our former Transport Minister Mr. Binali Yıldırım and our announcement to our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu.
Stating that they knew the seriousness of their work and that they did their work with this awareness, İZBAN staff argued that they did not receive the value of their labor. In the 2011, despite the oppositions, the union is organized and pointed out that they are unionized; although 80 is unionized, it is stated that 13 can initiate collective bargaining negotiations after the employer filed a lawsuit.
IZBAN employees who reacted to the attitude of the employer in the contract said:
“We did not receive a single penny wage offer from Mr. Binali Yıldırım, who says“ IZBAN is our pupil ”, who says“ advanced democracy ”at every opportunity, nor Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu, who says“ I support labor from laborers ”. Our contract went to the High Arbitration Board. A total of 17.6 percent hike was made for two years. While the machinists entrusted to his life by İzmirli received a net wage of 950 TL before the contract, they became unionized workers who received between 2 TL and 868 TL at the end of the 1137-year period. While the union worker is being treated stingy. In this 2-year period, up to 75 percent increase was made to non-union members and out of scope personnel. We hope that Mr. Binali Yıldırım and Mr. Aziz Kocaoğlu, who brought İZBAN to this day with the architects, idea fathers and efforts of İZBAN A.Ş., are not aware of our working conditions. We present our wages to both them and the people of Izmir and present that we expect a solution. "
In the text of the advertisement, unionized and non-unionized workers' workers who explained the wages of unionized union workers, unionized 1137 TL union, non-union 1850 TL, unionized administrative personnel 895 TL non-union 1757 TL naked net fee said. In addition, the union of the union unionless machine mechanic 868 TL, technician 1054 TL, technician 832 TL, station operator and 832 TL TL 771 pay toll was also included in the notice.

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