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ITU-Istinye subway: Istanbul Mayor Kadir Topbas announced new term projects Topbas, ITU-Istinye will establish a new metro line between the Bay, he said.
Kadir Topbas gave a news about the new metro line at a press conference yesterday. Topbaş explained the project he said şöyle I will tell you for the first time Top. . We are currently preparing a subway project from the technical university station to Istinye Bay. On the other hand, it will go to Ayazaga'a Koyiçi. He'il cut the main subway. Thus, the beach will come down to the Bosphorus Böylece
Topbaş pointed out the traffic density on the coast of Besiktas, una the coastal road in the direction of Sarıyer is not enough. There's heavy traffic. By entering the 30-40 meters deeply along the coast, we consider a subway route up to Sarıyer taking the Ortaköy-Arnavutköy-Bebek density into consideration. We are placing the metro station in Beşiktaş according to him. So this has to continue. If they don't shade, we don't want any better. What do we do if they prevent us from doing anything? We have money, we have the opportunity. As long as they do not interfere Yeter.
Topbaş, Mecidiyekoy-Kabataş He said that the work on the metro line planned to be made between the two also continues. Metro line between Mecidiyeköy and Bağcılar Kabataş Saying that they separated the line between the two, Topbaş said, “Why did we split this. History, environment… They take it to the judiciary, they object, the protection boards do not know. Let's break this apart into separate parts. You cannot walk otherwise. You have to go very carefully. We will also do that study. KabataşWe want to connect the metro that will come to Karaköy from Şişli Metro to Şişhane Metro ”.


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