The cable car coming to the Bosphorus

Istanbul Bosphorus ropeway line comes: Kağıthane met with tradesmen and citizens of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbas, gave the good news of the cable car to the Bosphorus.

Kadir Topbaş, who met with tradesmen and citizens in Kağıthane, reminded that Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey Metro, which they laid on, will pass through Kağıthane. Topbaş, the passengers of the metro ride from Mecidiyeköy-Altunizade will be established by the cable car line 15 can pass to the Anatolian Side in minutes. Twitter account from the Istanbul Bosphorus Ropeway sharing the images of the Topbas, Mecidiyeköy-Altunizade cable car line to the tender stage, announced that they came.
The top of the cable car line in the 32 personality will explain the Topbas line, not only in terms of tourism, but also important in terms of transportation, 6 thousand passengers per hour gave the information given.

In the opening of the AK Party election liaison office in Kağıthane, Topbaş welcomed the people in the streets and streets by going to the election bus together with Fazlı Kılıç, the candidate of the mayor of Kağıthane.
Kadir Topbas, ın The face of the field in the trail will have. A municipality that has invested 60 billion liras from a municipality that cannot pay its salary, said Kadir Topbaş.
Stressing that the cities are competing in the world, Mayor Topbas said baş Istanbul has become a modeled city that does not mimic this race. We built the 286 junction and road in Istanbul and one of the 3 tunnel roads in Kağıthane. Mecidiyeköy-Mahmutbey subway with the Prime Minister of the day we laid the foundation. 930 million pounds of this investment will pass through Alibeyköy. Can you imagine going through a metro from Kağıthane? With this investment made entirely with our own resources, the face of Kagithane will be changed. Tamamen

Expressing that they will turn Istanbul into a modern city with one of the longest metro networks in the world by making a total of 776 mile rail system, Topbaş announces that the Golden Horn Metro Bridge will be opened in February with the participation of Prime Minister Erdoğan.
We will ensure that this region will get more share from tourism by extending the cable car to Miniaturk in Eyüp Sultan and then to Vialand entertainment center and Rami Barracks.
Ik As Ferhat's love for Şirin, we brought fresh water from the Bosphorus by making a giant tunnel to the Golden Horn from our love for our nation. We are living together with the cleaning works and environmental investments, how the Golden Horn was transformed from a swamp into a diamond. Cleaned sea, streams, green surroundings, museums and cultural areas of the Golden Horn basin are returned to the historical days. Y


Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality met with thousands of citizens in Esenler. Kadir Topbas said that the 19 units of cable car and the Havaray project came to the assembly for the plans.

Esenler Dörtyol Square in the program held AK Party Esenler District Chairman Umut Ozkan, Esenler Mayor M. Tevfik Goksu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir and thousands of citizens attended. Esenler'in streets with the selection bus circulating with the Top Kadir, citizens due to the intensive interest in the 3 hour was able to arrive.

Kadir Topbaş who explained the details of the cable car and the basin which is one of the most important projects of Istanbul in the last period, said: t 19 carpark and caravan project in Istanbul with 100 units and car parked for a thousand vehicles came to the assembly for the plans. I hope you'll be able to reach the Altunizade and Çamlıca by the 15 minutes pass by the metros from Mecidiyeköy and by the 6 thousand passenger hourly cable car. İn

Stating that the cities are now competing in the world, Topbas said, tı We are coming to Istanbul with uninterrupted services. The country has never been so prosperous. What the city has seen, what has happened. Today is much more different Istanbul but tomorrow will be very different. Our 10 286 pieces, which we make to Istanbul in the year, intersection and road arrangement, easy to articulate. It was a city that deserved Istanbul, it had been neglected. Bu

“DO NOT pass through the garbage heaps“
Referring to the words of the Deputy Chairman of CHP Topbas, “'We will take Istanbul and bring back to the old days' he says. Would you like that? We passed the days when the garbage piles were not distributed, the newspapers distributed gas masks, the ladies gathered the garments. And what did Esenler draw? Water was distributed with tankers. Today there is a municipality that ruins metro networks with its own resources. We never left our word on the ground. 'Ties the word,' he said. We brought back what we said. There is a transformation and development in Esenler with everything. We spend your money on your behalf. Sizin

Topbaş said that it was easy to deceive the honest person. Andaş The citizen thinks, 'The political man will tell you wrong' he thinks. Everybody knows what they are, what they are promised. '600 lira will pay monthly,' he said Kılıçdaroğlu, Izmir, Eskisehir, Antalya municipalities to instruct and 6oo liras monthly wonders lira he said.

With the fair approach of the government, Topbaş said that no different resources have been transferred to any metropolitan city. Izmir is not where it deserves. Destroy the garbage with wild storage. With the explosion of methane gas, the 38 citizens lost their lives. Unfinished infrastructure in Izmir is not suitable for wild storage. Our way is long. We have more to do. As Mevlana said, 'A generation will prepare the future of a generation.' We prepare the next generation of you and our children. Those who do not know the values ​​of the nation, who are detached from the nation, ignores them, do not care for the nation. Our difference is that we are stripped of our service as one of you. Bizim
Topbaş said that the 2014 will not remain uneducated in Istanbul as of the end, X We made the tender for all of them. We will serve more and bring out different Istanbul together. 11 million people are trying to prepare an Istanbul to use the metro. Transportation systems in Istanbul will be taken as an example. Our success sheds light on other cities in Anatolia Bizim.

Kadir Topbaş, who gave the good news of the regional parks to Istanbul, said: park Now we will bring the parks that are the regional parks in Istanbul with the world's models. The projects of our park in Maltepe were requested by a city in Europe. We aim to expose the areas where people meet. For this, we have money in our budget. Bun
Speaking at the rally, Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu stated that they are the district with the highest share of the investment in Istanbul. Underlining that they should thank Kadir Topbaş very much, Göksu said, u We set out with the 'Always service, always the nation' password. If the solution has not been reached, we have solved the problem. Esenler wanted 5 one basic project from us, we did 500 project. Now the metropolitan mayor of this square, in the new period are waiting for two support. A sports infrastructure, the latter parking. A parking lot in each neighborhood. We have no doubt that we will see great support from our president about the closed parking that we have presented to our metropolitan municipality. We want to; Let us be the district that gives the highest number of votes to the president of the Kadir, let's be the district where the AK Party broke a record. This place witnesses this. 30 In the evening of March, when Allah breaks this record, we will pray in this square. X

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