If the government goes fast train ends

If the government goes, the fast train ends: Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc, last week, the government said that if the high-speed train will end, he recalled that no government after them would not continue to defend it.
Saying that the opposition is against the high-speed train, Arınç said: “Their minds do not reach that either. Nor can they find 40 trillion lira that will give 400 kilometers. I'm telling you because I know. We pay salary for so many million employees, so many million retirees every month. We raise them higher than inflation every year. If the AK Party goes, no government to come will be able to pay a salary even for 3 months. I'm telling you because I know. national income in Turkey, we remove it from the 2 for $ 11 thousand to 500 thousand dollars. It will be 2023 thousand dollars in 25. When we go, no government can increase national income. We took Central Bank reserves from $ 25 billion and increased to $ 85 billion. The fever of the dollar is rising, the Central Bank is making $ 3 billion in an hour, cashing it out, to extinguish the fire. If necessary, we will raise 50 billion dollars, we have money, but we expect the market to extinguish this fire under its own conditions. We got gross national income from $ 230 billion, now it goes towards $ 1 trillion. Let's go, everything is reversed. They don't know economics, they don't know how to run a country.




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