Giant moves have disturbed international lobbies

Giant moves did not bother much international lobby: aspiring, growing, prosperous Turkey circles do not want to continue to attack all the way. End the relationship with the IMF debt in May, Turkey began to projects worldwide, with the first trip were targeted events. The real purpose of Gezi, which was portrayed as an innocent tree act, soon became clear. While listing the choir requests that emerged after the trip, he targeted the biggest and international finance barons of history such as the 3rd Airport, 3rd Bridge, Canal Istanbul, Marmaray, High Speed ​​Train and HEPPs, and voiced the delusion of “Let them be stopped”.
This growing chorus of propaganda not reach to the goal step by step, Turkey is becoming one of the world's largest economy by further ahead this time was released December 17 operation circuit. In the second wave of selection-adjusted operation, the target was again these giant projects. Later apparently decided with no files are being read, this giant project was targeted measures to realize the assets of the businessmen and placed, Turkey aimed to ensure the cessation of the project will survive the ages. But this game broke down quickly and the projects continued at the same pace.
Targeting businessmen who are doing projects such as the third bridge that disturbs international transportation giants and the third airport that will put huge airline companies into trouble, revealed the true intention of the operations. But every way had to be tried until the goal was reached. This time, the interest lobby, finance barons and local collaborators stepped in. First, a psychological 'crisis' atmosphere was created in the market with games on the dollar exchange rate. The local and foreign lobby media started the propaganda, 'If the interest rate increases, the dollar will decrease or we will sink. The Central Bank bowed to pressure and increased the interest rates. to drown the people producing and requesting citizens to exert pressure on Turkey, against the interest was also removed. As the foreign exchange lobbyists said, it did not decrease when the interest rate increased. The environment they wanted was created ...
The lobby had found the environment it expected with high exchange rates and interest. It comes into play immediately and this time, 'Public investments should be reduced. IMF's prescriptions should be implemented, wages should be frozen, big projects should be stopped '. The main objective of Turkey to survive the era projects grow and the country's development that appeared immediately. These lobbies, which are looking forward to the future of 76 million, were quick to find local collaborators.
This time, the biggest supporters of the community's media organs and lobbies entered the circuit. CHP parliamentary questions and gave a pretext for claiming the internet, however, Turkey 2023 will move the target to the top league in the world after a giant project contractors were targeted. It is aimed to stop, slow down or postpone their business by discrediting businessmen. It is desired to put a mortgage on the future of 76 million ...
covet the future of Turkey, citizen's pocket in the hands of their ancestors interest lobbyists, despite uluslaara baron and collaborators of all attacks in Turkey crazy project continues as planned. Half of the Third Bridge, one of the biggest goals, has been completed. The process is running at the Third Airport. Marmaray and High Speed ​​Train have already entered the service of the citizen.
The ground delivery at Istanbul's third airport, which will take the seat of the world leader with a capacity of 150 million passengers, will take place in the summer months this year as predicted. In the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge Project, which is a first in the world in terms of its design, lane entrance and the height of the towers, 3 percent of the works carried out with approximately 500 personnel and 50 construction machines have been completed. Authorities gave the following information: There are studies on all 50 legs. In each, we produce an average of 4-2 meters of concrete per day. Today, we have reached the 2.5th meter from the land. 155 percent of the studies have been completed, so we are in the past. The bridge will be completed in 50, along with the connection roads. "
Some of the projects are as follows: Sinop Nuclear Sant .: 22 billion $ Akkuyu Nuclear Sant .: 20 billion $ Istanbul-Izmir Auto .: 16 billion $ Attack Fighter (JSF): 16 billion $ Channel Istanbul: 15 billion dollars 3. Airport: 36.3 billion euros Marmaray: 5 billion dollars Haydarpasa Port: 5 billion dollars Ankara-Istanbul YHT: 4 billion $ Sivas-Kars YHT: 4 billion dollars Ankara-Izmir YHT: 4 billion dollars 3. Bridge: 4.5 billion pounds ATAK Helicopter: 3.3 billion dollars New type submarine: 2.7 billion $ Ankara-Sivas YHT: 2.5 billion $ Transport Aircraft: 1.7 billion dollars Eurasian Tunnel: 1.3 billion dollars M60 Tan Modernization: 687 million dollars million dollars Sea Hawk Marine Helicopter: 625 million dollars ALTAY National Tank: 557 million dollars.



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