Giant metro project in Saudi Arabia

Giant metro project in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia awarded the giant tender for the first metro of the capital Riyadh to three international consortiums. The giant project, including the German Siemens company, will cost $ 22,5 billion.
Saudi Arabia is establishing the first metro system in the capital Riyadh. The metro system, which is planned to be 176 kilometers long, will cost 22,5 billion dollars. There will be six lines in the metro system in Riyadh, a city of six million people. Riyadh Mayor Prince Khalid bin Bandar drew attention to the importance of the project, stating that the population of the city is expected to increase to 8.5 million in the next ten years.
The first two subway lines under the leadership of the American Bechtel company, including Siemens, will cost 9 billion 450 million dollars. The second consortium led by the Spanish FCC, including French, South Korean and Dutch companies, will build three other 7 billion 880 million dollars. Another line was awarded to the third consortium led by the Italian Ansaldo company for 5 billion 210 million dollars.
Underground Solar Power
Metro construction is expected to start in the first quarter of 2014 and last for 56 months. Prince Khalid, the future of the metron 20 percent of the solar energy will work with, and thus, they said they expect to be a remedy for environmental pollution and traffic jams. It was announced that more than a thousand bus orders would be arranged to organize bus services to the metro stations.
Can women ride?
It is not yet known whether women will be able to take the subway alone. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive or ride alone.
The oil-rich country is currently drawing attention with billions of investments in its infrastructure. It is planned to establish a metro system in Mecca and Jeddah with an investment of billions of dollars. Saudi Arabia also signed a $ 2012 billion 2012 million deal in 8 with a Spanish consortium for a high-speed train project between Jeddah, Mecca and Medina in 220.

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