Gap Sports Games Started

Gap Sports Games Started: Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate of Sports, organized by the Department of Sports Activities 8. Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Winter Sports Games started in Muş.

14 city 118 athlete participated in the championship began in the beautiful ski resort.

Agri, Ardahan, Bitlis, Bingol, Bayburt, Gumushane, Erzurum, Erzincan, Van, Sivas, Kars, Tunceli, Hakkari and Mus 118 athletes participated in the tournament could not be found Iğdır was not attended. The first day of the competition athletes Alpine Skiing Children 1 Male and Female, Alpine Skiing Children and Boys with 2 Skiing competitions were held.

Ministry of Youth and Sports General Directorate Sports Activities Head of Department Ömer Kalkan said that the 15 will participate in competitions but 14 has participated in competitions since there is no participation from Iğdır.

14 118 contenders participating in the province reminding Omer Kalkan, a beautiful air competitions, he said.

Kalkan added that competitions were made in the form of northern discipline, alpine discipline and snowboarding.

Naz Akkuş, an athlete from Hakkari, said that he came to win the gold medal and trusted him.

Nilah Demirtas came from the Sarikamis district of Kars and stated that he participated in the competition as the second city and he wanted to return to Kars by taking the gold medal.

In the first day of the competition held in the Alpine Children 2 Gizem Seflek from Erzurum Erzurum first, the second Ezgi Bulsu Bingol, Seyhan Şahin from Gümüşhane was the second.

In the Alpine Skiing Children's 2 Men's competition, Nihat Enes Lemon joined Erzurum and Umut Muhammet Seflek from Erzurum was second and Tuncay Özgeç from Bitlis.

Alpine Children of Discipline 1 Women from Erzurum, Sıla Kara was the first, again from Erzurum Ceyda Özyanıkoğlu second and Muş from Seher Erdoğan came third.

Alpine Children of the discipline 1 Men in the Sea Acid from Bitlis first, Erzurum from Ibrahim Buğra Özcanlı second and Emre Kalan from Bingöl was the third.

Roller-Kids Children's Classic competitions Ramazan Oğur from Ağrı, Mücahit Enes Doymaz from Bitlis and Ören Devran from Hakkari came third.

In the classic competitions, Hakkari's Melike Arslan ranked first, Dilan Demir from Ağrı and Berna Yılmaz of Bitlis.

In the women's classic competitions, Zilan Öztunç from Hakkari first - Ayşe Saydam from Ağrı and Zozan Malkoç from Ağrı were third.

Skiing Star Men's Classic competitions Adem Bartan from Ağrı, Ömer Doğan from Ağrı and Zana Öztunç from Hakkari came third.

8. Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Winter Sports Games will be held tomorrow and will end with the award ceremony.