The war in Syria finished with marble exports

The war in Syria finished the marble export by rail: 2013 Xnumx million in the year of 2 95 a thousand dollars in the export of the Genes, said that the share of marble and natural stone sector in this export until the percent of 10'e regressed.
Afyonkarahisar Iscehisar Association of Marble and Businessmen (ISMİAD) Chairman Ali Genelioğlu, the war in Syria due to the war in the country's marble exports decreased by 85 levels by recording, "We export marble exports to other countries for many years, Syrians have escaped to other countries, found the trade there," he said.
2013 Xnumx a thousand dollars in total exports from Afyonkarahisar to Syria said that Gennetten Genelioglu, the share of marble and natural stone in this export sector, the share of 2'ların until the decline, he said. 95 about the years since the ongoing clashes in Syria, marble and natural stone sector, the first blow in the 10 Genelioğlu said that records, in those years, the export of marble over the railway in cities such as Homs and Aleppo 3 levels of exports decreased, he said. In 2012, Genelioğlu said that the marble export to Syria was almost over. Asına Before the war, 90 had been sending marble and natural stone to Syria for many years. The companies there were usually taking blocks and rubble from us. But when the violence increased, our exports stopped. At present, we have very little marble exports. Some Syrian companies have found a way to flee their business and export marble to countries such as Dubai. The companies there took their factories and businesses and went to the countries where they were at peace and tried to continue their trade with us. Or
Stating that the peace and security is very important in trade Genelioğlu said that the companies could not risk themselves and therefore they could not carry out commercial activities. Ris We experienced a big job loss as a marble business because of the war in Syria. If there was no war in the region, I predicted that the export of marble last year will increase more than the previous years. But unfortunately this did not happen. This job loss indirectly affected employment significantly. This is because we would need to increase the export of marble to a neighboring country, which would naturally require more staff. But it didn't. Hopefully Syrian waters will settle, war comes to an end, it stops our exports will start again, "he konuştu.öt the other hand, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Afyonkarahisar if the information received from the Logistics Branch in 2013 over the railway Syria no marble and natural stone transport not made, the last voyages were made in 2012 said.

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