Moda Tram opened to visit at Rahmi M. Koç Museum

The scarf collections, which will attract women with their colors and designs, are made of silk and satin. Among the Pierre Cardin Scarf collections are scarves made of easy-to-clean fabrics with a low grime. You will be very comfortable with these scarves that do not keep water and dry quickly. This Pierre Cardin Scarf collection is made of% 100 crepe satin.
With 90 cm corners you'll feel very comfortable with this Scarf. The vivid and clear patterns of the scarf are made of shura silk, which is a shiny silk type. Due to its slippery nature, ladies can use it together with the cap. Compatible patterns and colors are vibrant and bright. Twill silk scarves do less slip. The scarf made of this twill silk, which has an upright and smooth appearance, has an elegant rough surface. Aker scarf collections made of twill silk fabric known as sand silk are completely natural. Silk scarves from mulberry and mulberry leaves are completely organic. Twill woven fabrics are the most luxurious and quality woven of silk.
Does not cause allergies when touched on the skin. You will notice the smoothness and smoothness when you take it between two hands. Bright and smooth appearance of these scarves, prints and patterns are made of top quality. Thickness and thinness can be preferred with these scarves can have a pleasant appearance and feel the silky softness.

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