Eurasia Rail Railway Fair opens its doors on March 6

Eurasia Rail Railway Fair opens its doors on March 6: 25 companies from 300 countries are participating in the fourth edition of the 'International Eurasia Rail Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure and Logistics Fair.
The Ministry of Transport, TCDD, Tüvasaş, Tüdemsaş and Tülomsaş will also open the booth at the fair. 15 comes from the country's Railways General Managers and 3 as well as visitors of the country's transport ministers. The fair will be organized by Türkel Fair Organization in Istanbul Expo Center. Germany, Czech Republic, China, France, England, Italy, Poland and Russia are participating in the fair with the participation of miles. . Our fair also entered the international fair calendars. The impact of serious developments in the last 10 years in our country is great. 10 was built on the 1.724 kilometer railway a year. The construction of the 2.500 mileage railway continues, X he said.



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