Automobile tram in Eskişehir overturned

Automobile overturned on the tram road in Eskişehir: An automobile driver was injured when a car was overturned on the tram road as a result of the compression of the taxi.
According to the information received, the 26 AE 366 license plate car under the management of the SB was overturned on the tramway after the compression of the 26 T 0029 license plate taxi used by H.B on Teachers Street. It was reported that there was no life-threatening situation for S.B, who got out of the overturned vehicle by his own means.
Due to the accident, the tram lines at the Otogar-Osmangazi University line were closed for half an hour.
The car, which was involved in the accident, was lifted from the tramway road with the help of the tractor and the tram line was re-opened.



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