Rafting excitement at Ergan Mountain Ski Resort

Rafting excitement at Ergan Mountain Ski Center: Adrenaline enthusiasts in Erzincan spent the weekend rafting on the snow. Dozens of citizens who went to Ergan Mountain Ski Center experienced adrenaline-filled minutes by rafting on snow at an altitude of 2 altitudes with rafting boats. Excitement enthusiasts had fun moments all day long in snow rafting, where there were minor accidents.

Turkey, which has the longest ski slope in Nature and Erkan Mountain Winter Sports Center, snow rafting excitement took place. The rafting safari on the snow, in which 5 rafting boats from 6 sports clubs participated, caused exciting moments. Some of them skied in the ski center, where people of Erzincan flocked, some skied with the sleds they brought with them, while others had moments full of adrenaline with rafting boats. Many citizens, from 7 to 70, made snow rafting in the snow rafting, where the accident happened.

Ergan Mountain Ski Center, which was established at the foot of the 3 thousand 258 meters high Munzur Mountains and cost about 50 million lira, was put into service with the mountain skiing championship held last year. with 12 kilometers of ski slopes in Turkey, which is home to the largest ski center with adrenaline addicts title.


The rafting event was held in Ergan Mountain until May and the Governor of Erzincan Abdurrahman Akdemir participated in the event, the rafting of the protocol experienced the excitement of the members of the protocol. When the rafting boat that the Governor Akdemir was in drew among the citizens, two people fell to the ground by blowing the air. There was no injury and the accident was badly overcome. During the day-long snow rafting, there were minor accidents, while some boats could be stuck on stretched nets and no injuries were experienced.

Inviting ski lovers to Ergan Mountain Ski Center, Governor Abdurrahman Akdemir said, “We are at the summit of Erzincan Ergan Winter Sports Center at 2 altitude. Today, we are opening the rafting season in Ergan Mountain with our rafting clubs in Erzincan. We will do snow rafting. We have our female athletes here, where adrenaline is really high. I hope that here, the place where the best is made of snow rafting mountain Erkan will be introduced throughout Turkey and our region. I am doing snow rafting for the first time. I recommend it to everyone. All ski lovers and winter sports enthusiasts should definitely come to Ergan Mountain and see this center. It's a great adrenaline rush, it's my first time. found in the description.

The excitement of doing the adrenaline-filled snow rafting of the citizen, they witnessed a great excitement and everyone should be interested in this sport branch, saying they had an exciting time, said.