Heliski Excitement in Erciyes

Heliski Excitement in Erciyes: Heliski sport, which is preferred by adrenaline enthusiasts, started to be practiced on Erciyes Mountain. Four athletes, who climbed to a height of 3 meters in Erciyes by helicopter, slipped and landed in Tekir region at 340 meters.

Murat Cahid Cıngı, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erciyes A.Ş, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, said that Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality's efforts to turn Erciyes Mountain into a worldwide ski and tourism center are continuing at full speed.

Cıngı, who stated that 80-90 percent of these ongoing studies have been achieved in many areas, have reached a sportive integrity, and stated that the same is done in Erciyes as the infrastructure in the Alps or in the famous ski resorts of the world.

Noting that Erciyes is currently serving ski lovers with 18 mechanical facilities, two gondola lines, 34 ski tracks with different difficulty levels, Cıngı said, “After that, we started to host slightly different organizations as Erciyes. The first application of this is heli skiing, which we call heleski. Skilled skiers will be dropped off towards the peaks of Erciyes by helicopter, skiing, jumping off the rocks, and descend to the center. We do this with the Alberg Sports School and a helicopter rented from a private company. This helicopter will stay in Kayseri permanently from now on. Erciyes is reaching perfection with new added values ​​every day. In this context, we are also happy to experience this excitement today ”.

Cıngı, heleski skiing is a very valuable and difficult sport, but not done in many places in the world, he said.

Indicating that they believe that heliskey will add a much different value to Erciyes Ski Center, Cıngı emphasized that heliceski skiing can be done routinely in Erciyes as part of tours periodically.
Alberg Sports School official, Mehmet Enterceoğlu, said that they now want to fly those who come to Erciyes not only to slide them.

Cıngı stated that they reached the conclusion that this skiing can be done in Erciyes as a result of the technical studies carried out, and that they will organize programs such as Kayseri-Cappadocia, Kayseri-Ankara, Kayseri-İçel flights in order to improve the connection of Kayseri to the surrounding provinces faster.
On the other hand, it is stated that businessmen can also benefit from the helicopter to be kept in Kayseri continuously.

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:17

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