Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği tram line will be converted into metro line

Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği tramway line will be converted into metro line: Kadir Topbaş opened the Selection Liaison Office in Bayrampaşa. Topbas, "Edirnekapı-Sultanciftligi tram line will turn into a metro line that extends to the Veznecilere" he said.
Kadir Topbaş, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, opened the Selection Liaison Office in Bayrampaşa. Topbas, "Edirnekapı-Sultanciftligi tram line will turn into a metro line that extends to the Veznecilere" he said.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and AK Party candidate Kadir Topbaş, who accelerated his works before the upcoming local elections, met with the citizen by opening the Electoral Liaison Office in Bayrampaşa. The Mayor of Bayrampaşa and AK Party candidate Atilla Aydıner accompanied Mr. Topbaş. The Mayor of Bayrampaşa and AK Party Candidate Atilla Aydıner addressed the citizens before the opening, and said, At The Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality has great services to Bayrampaşa. I would like to thank him for these, Bunlar he said. Mayor Topbaş said, kadar In every area of ​​Istanbul, we have many services from transportation to infrastructure, from environment to health. We have invested in quadrillion 60 from the municipality that could not pay salary before. The 32 quadrillion of this was only transported. 8,5 will invest more this year than quadrillion. We're taking subways to places that can't even be imagined. I give you good news. We will turn the tram line of Edirnekapı-Sultançiftliği into a metro line from Sultançiftliği to Veznecil. Sultançiftliği to Arnavutköy will be part of the Ministry of Transport. No tram. Thus, when you go to the subway to go to the orznecilere if you want to Taksim, if you want Marmaray Ankara, Far East, you can go to London, '' he said.
Topbaş, who was also loaded to the opposition, said: vers If we put the projects in the hands and give the money in their hands, the money evaporates but they cannot do the work. Bolu tunnel was built in 17 year. We finished similar tunnels in a very short time in Istanbul. Sarıyer, Dolmabahçe, Kağıthane tunnels, mountains could not stand us. We have made Istanbul a water problem that is close to 15 million from Istanbul in need of a glass of water. My Lord is treating us with His mercy. Unable to pass through the heaps of rubbish, Istanbul, air pollution in line with a line of Istanbul have revealed a different Istanbul, eyen he said.
Referring to the words of CHP Deputy Chairman "Istanbul will return to the old days we will get," he said. He's talking about the days he used to reign. Is that the old days of ISKI corruption is meant to mean the need to ask him. Istanbul cannot be left to coincidences. He can't be dragged into adventures. Can't be left in inexperienced hands. This city can not be left in the hands of those who do not love, '' he said.
After his speech, Mr. Topbaş distributed the carnations he bought to Bayrampasiya citizens who came to give him support despite the cold weather. Topbas then descended from the election bus and opened the election office.


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