The dogs in the train car were saved from freezing at the last moment

Dogs in the train car was saved from freezing at the last moment: Bitvan Tatvan district of coal-loaded train cars on the top of the 7 dog freeze freed.
7 dogs on coal-loaded train wagons in Tatvan district of Bitlis were rescued at the last moment from freezing.
It was reported that there are many dogs on the coal-laden train wagons coming from Elazig region in Tatvan district of Bitlis and that the dogs are about to freeze. Animal lovers, police, firefighters who evaluated the report came to the scene. As a result of long work, the teams found 4 dogs and 7 dogs in separate wagons about to freeze. As a result of long efforts, the dogs were lowered from the wagons. The first response to the dogs, which were found to be exhausted from the cold and hunger, was made at the scene. Dogs covered with a blanket were given food. Dogs taken from the train station were taken to Tatvan Animal Neutering and Rehabilitation Center by vehicles.
Member of the Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP). Damla Şahin said, “The dogs were almost freezing due to the cold. We intervened immediately. We took all 7 dogs and took them to our clinic by vehicle. Dogs will be treated here. However, I would like to mention this. Whoever has loaded these dogs brutally and mercilessly on these wagons and left them to die, has not received their share of humanity. We will be followers of this subject. That's why we filed a criminal complaint about the incident. ”
Tatvan Animal Sterilization and Rehabilitation Center Veterinarian Sefer Durmuş said that dogs are in serious danger of freezing and that one of the dogs is in poor condition.



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