Derbentten Kartala Istanbul flights started

Istanbul Derbent to Kartala flights began: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, 31 January 2012 on the railway due to the High Speed ​​Train works due to the stop of the train began to organize bus services to Istanbul. Expeditions from Derbent ended in Istanbul Tuzla. The Metropolitan Municipality has extended the flights to Kartal, where the nearest metro station, which provides transportation to different parts of Istanbul, is not provided for the citizens.
Buses move from Derbent to 05.30 and from Eagle to 06.30. High-speed train (YHT) Project due to the work carried out within the scope of the train service as an alternative to 200 bus from Derbent to Kartal. The bus departs from Derbent at 22.00 last night and at 00.30 from Kartal.
Buses departing from Derbent stop at: Köseköy Işıklar Station, Kandira Turn, Province, Halkevi, Kuruçeşme, Derince Pass, 95 Evler Junction, Yarımca (Körfez Municipality Six), Hereke, Tavşancıl, Dilovası, Gebze Mobile, Eskihisar Turnoff, Tuzla Station and İçmeler Station. Detailed information about flights www.kocaeli.bel.t is It is located at.
Citizens who will use this line must have Kentkart, which is an Electronic Toll Collection System in Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. Other than that, money is not valid in the vehicle is not sold. Passengers who have used their own cards or trains for free, free or discounted card use must apply to the Gebze Service Building or to the Travel Cards Unit within the Kocaeli Fair to benefit from this discount or free travel.



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