Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Line The Beginning of a War

Zincirlikuyu Metrobus Line The Beginning of a War: This area, which is located in Zincirlikuyu and is the transfer stop of the metrobuses, is, in my opinion, a complete battlefield, a battlefield. This place, where my civilized country is almost militant and where a lively and mad effort is given, is a square of turmoil. First of all, the metrobus comes to this stop empty. Before the metrobus arrives, a dam is built in the front row. Here, sir, this dam is such a dam that neither Real Madrid nor Barcelona could establish this dam. Here, people look at each other as rivals and cast sly glances at each other. The most important part of the dam is to be able to coincide with the door of the incoming metrobus. I know you say, "Even if we bring balance, there is nothing, people are pushing brutally," but this is our first rule.
To know the door. The metrobus comes, the doors are opened and the notorious crowd crushes each other and goes inside to fight for space, at that time people do not even know their father. It is such a moment that the mini, cute girls turn into Gargamel's cat. This is a new battleground for human beings, a war of nerves. There are so many empty metro buses coming here, the vehicle is full of spite, it moves and goes, but the crowd never decreases, it always increases. Everyone fills up, and at last a siren shouts at Zincirlikuyu, reminding that the war is over, everyone has to be calm and build a dam again, and of course the doors are about to close.
After the sound of the siren, everyone goes back to the same level again. You mean big men, old-headed aunts, and all of them are soldiers in this war. There are also those who push in front of them. Shame sometimes. This is the stop at a place that fell in love with grabbing people. A little girl like me needs to eat forty bakeries to win this war. I do not exaggerate! One of your aunt had pushed me once. Metrobus shows me the real face of people.
It's like a human meter. There is a yellow line at the stop. Let's not pass there, it was dangerous. People don't even wear it. This stop witnesses thousands of brutalities, ambitions, crowds and feels them all right on the back of the neck. For God's sake, I am calling out to the BBC guys who are going away from here and making the documentary; Come to Istanbul, come to this stop and see what wildlife is like. See how old aunts, the panthers of public transport, prevailed in the war. There is no departure or return on the metrobus road. So think again to come to this stop, this war.

Günceleme: 29/11/2018 18:35

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