Ceva Leaves Attack in Container Transportation

📩 24/11/2018 11:50

Ceva Leaves Attack in Container Transportation. In the 2013 800.000 TEU container carrier performs about CEVA, Turkey departs attack in international container transport In the 2014. CEVA offices worldwide with active 1200 Turkey, accelerating technological infrastructure investments in Turkey and the power it gets from the international prevalence.
CEVA Turkey and the Balkans, General Manager Fuat Adora who, as one of Turkey's leading logistics company, has announced that the pace of its international shipping and container transport, especially in new technology and infrastructure. Adoran stated that they will make new investments in container transportation, “As CEVA, we serve in more than 200 ports in the world, from container shipping to North America to Asia Pacific countries, from Europe to South America and Africa.” said.
HJ Heinz Co. Container transport giant deal with
CEVA Turkey as emphasizing the growth rate in the world among the first 10 Adora said, "We put forward our claims in container transport agreements with international giants. HJ Heinz Co. is one of the world's leading healthy, pleasant and reasonably priced food producers and marketers. We have continued our strong growth in sea transportation with our 5 annual agreement. With this agreement, a company with such large volumes for the first time delivered all container shipments to a single logistics supplier. In addition, this agreement with the 70 country 1000 more than we provide service to the destination.
Despite the strategic location of Turkey, underlining that quite left behind in the container shipping Adora, "Turkey, a strategic importance as the geographic location with close proximity to the main commercial routes. In this sense, there is transferring tensile loads Turkey's potential in the region. The increase in transfer traffic in the last five years supports this view. Turkey needs a port that can serve the mother ship. I There is also a need for customs legislative facilities and customs infrastructure to ensure the transfer of the cargoes in the shortest time, not just the physical infrastructure in the main ports. Ana
CEVA is a leading provider of global logistics services and supply chain management. It designs, builds and operates national, regional or world-wide supply chain solutions for large-scale national or multinational companies. Using all stages of the supply chain, it provides end-to-end logistics solutions to its customers. CEVA provides services to many different markets and sectors such as automotive, tire, electronics, technology, petrochemical, industrial products, fast moving consumer goods, press broadcasting. CEVA, around 51.000 employees and 170 companies in the country, has been carrying out the operations of 10 million square meters of storage area. It provides international transportation (sea, air, land) services to all parts of the world.
Corporate customers logistics and storage providers CEVA Turkey, in 2005. "Operational Excellence" philosophy in the light of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 by moving the standards and documented the services even further to ISO 2008 10002 (Customer Satisfaction Standard) has received the certification. In 2007, the Investor in People (Human Investment Companies conducting) certificate of the CEVA, US consulting giant AON Hewitt's "Best Workplaces" survey, 2008, 2009 and Turkey in 2010. "Best Workplace" Selected As well as, 2008 It was selected as the "Best Workplace" in Central - Eastern Europe in 2009. In XNUMX, it is proud to win first place in PERYÖN Human Management Awards, Performance Management Category and Training & Development Management Category.

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