Capacity of electric vehicle batteries doubles

The capacity of electric vehicle batteries is doubled: Robert Bosch GmbH, Kyoto based GS Yuasa International Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation, based in Tokyo, established a new company under a joint venture.
Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co., headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The company named KG will develop a new generation of lithium-ion battery technology.
Lithium Energy and Power GmbH & Co., founded in partnership with Bosch, GS Yuasa International and Mitsubishi Corporation. KG will provide the development of the next generation battery technology needed for the widespread use of electric vehicles. The company, which was established to double the capacity of electric vehicle batteries by increasing the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries, will take a big step in the development of battery technology. With the development of more efficient batteries, the coverage area of ​​electric vehicles will expand in the next decade and will become a successful mass product. Thanks to the smaller size of rechargeable batteries, the price of the vehicles will be more affordable.
Each joint venture will have special studies in line with its own competencies
Bosch will support their joint activities with a complete portfolio of electromobility components. With its competence in battery management systems, Bosch will be specialized in monitoring and controlling systems as well as integrating them into vehicles.
GS Yuasa, a long-established manufacturer of automotive and non-automotive lithium-ion battery cells, has a strong engineering team and a high level of automation as well as modern production lines. The GS Yuasa joint venture will have many years of experience in the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cells that extend the range thanks to its high density, as well as its expertise in materials systems and electrochemistry.
As an integrated global trading company, Mitsubishi Corporation, with its global sales network and experience, will also use its strength in the creation of value-added global chains, including raw materials, semi-finished products and marketing.

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