Fast train underground crossing work 40 Can end day before

High-speed underground trainings 40 Can be completed before the day: Within the scope of high-speed underground trainings, the station bridge was demolished and a temporary service road was constructed in the region to prevent the current tram transportation from being interrupted. For a while, this line was used, albeit heavily limping. In recent days, TCDD's superstructure work in the bridge area, and then to connect to the normal line of the Tram Line SSK - Bus Station direction of the stops during the 40 stopped voyages throughout the day.
It was good for this process to coincide with the semester break, as there was a bit of trouble with free bus services at a time when schools were on vacation, and it was not felt very intense. However, the period is long and soon the schools will be re-opened, and then we will be talking about a serious transportation problem again. Well, isn't it possible to reduce this time and distress?
”Discourses are different“
We can see that the Ruling and Opposition proxies are looking through different windows. Kazım Kurt with the CHP says that it is not possible for the study to be completed within the stated period, while TCDD is the reason for the prolongation of this process.
Salih Koca from the AK Party said: t As a civil engineer I have a good command of the subject, the concrete throwing work of TCDD and the details of the 20 day is enough. Afterwards, the 3,4 is a daily issue, the 25 can end in the day and the 40 is the day of the day, and the Metropolitan Municipality is responsible for it. In
Uzat Lose points that extend the job “
To summarize the resulting table. The TCDD part of the works ends in a daily process, and as Hub says, if the 20 day job in the tram line combination extends to 3,4 day, this will be an inconvenience for Metropolitan.
If the TCDD does not work on 20, 30 and 35 days in the 3,4, then it will be troubled in the name of Power.
Ha both the TCDD and the Metropolitan work can not do at the specified time and the process is prolonged, then this is the MHP is not the gain?
In addition to the job, it is not the parties that are important, but the fast functioning of the service and therefore the gain of the citizens.
Because politics is for man. To serve people. Am I right?




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