A Train Story with Documents

A Train Story with Documents: If the next election in Karaçayır, Yılmaz won the elections, the cost of the scraps to be given to the people or organizations as Vagon-Cafe will be paid to Bolu Municipality. On the other hand, Alaaddin Yilmaz claimed that the cost of these wagons to Bolu at the 368 meeting of August was the yearly total of 250 thousand 2013 lira. We have received the documents of the tender.
Bolu Municipality August 2013 month later in Bolu, a daha One Train Case X is a discussion that takes place in the minutes of the meeting. CHP Municipal Assembly Group SözcüSu Erhan Beykoz and Bolu Mayor Alaaddin Yilmaz.
The essence of the discussion is that.
CHP City Council Group Sözcüs Erhan Beykoz Turkey Wagon Industry Co. The costs of wagons and locomotives, which were removed from circulation in the General Directorate of the General Directorate, were brought to Bolu and brought to Karaçayır.
Beykoz pointed out the meaninglessness of wagons and locomotives to be exhibited in Bolu by taking the floor ğ Bolu has never been mentioned with train and locomotives. What will be the contribution of these scrapes to the social and cultural life of Bolu. Moreover, according to the information we have learned, the cost of these scrapes to Bolu is 300 thousand. Bolu Municipality should immediately give up this nonsense Ala and he asks Alaaddin Yılmaz about the subject.
Alaaddin Yilmaz, in response to Erhan Beykoz and the CHP group, tries to explain the issue with the usual style and says that the cost of scrap wagons to Bolu Municipality consists of very small numbers.
Yilmaz's 16 August 2013 dated parliament speech is exactly as follows.
“Thanks to Erhan Beykoz, he has a journalism side, a municipal council side and a Republican People's Party side. While explaining that this train costs 300 thousand TL per year, I do not know which identity he uses. The locomotive we have placed in Karaçayır Park is a locomotive that comes to our city after a long period of negotiation with the ministers and then the relevant authorities, and this cost us 1.328 TL per year.
Mayor Yılmaz also said, “We bought 2 wagons and the cost of these wagons for us will be 1.176 TL per year. In total, the annual cost of the locomotive and two wagons is 2 thousand 500 TL. Now, with these figures, has he caught 300 thousand TL with his journalist identity? Did the city council catch it with his identity card? Or did he catch it with his identity of being a Republican People's Party? I don't know that. I don't find it very nice for a city councilor to show up in the municipality and publicize it with such funny things. But I guess he has a bit of a problem with numbers and I think he needs some math work and four operations. I hope he finds out about these, too. ”13 August 2013
COST OF MUNICIPALITY 368 thousand 250 lira
Alaaddin Yilmaz, who brought the wagon and the locomotives to Bolu, deflects the subject with his statement and he lies clearly.
However, the issue is very clear.
The cost of the repair and replacement of the 2 wagons to the municipality of Bolu is at full cost of 368 thousand 250.
Alaaddin Yılmaz, who lied to the Municipal Assembly and the Bolu people, opened a tender for the repair and transportation of the wagons to Bolu on the date of October 25 and gave the tender to XAUMA thousand 2013 liras to ADA-RAY TİC LTD ŞTİ.
We present the documents of this meaningless tender.
Event 368 is not limited to a thousand pounds. According to the information and claims of the two wagons brought by the interior furnishing of the Culture and Social Affairs Manager Guler Mert was designed by and around the 150-200 thousand pounds of the budget of the municipality plus the wagons to be spent in the vicinity of Alaaddin Yilmaz is known to be allocated to BEH_DER.
However, BEHDER leases such places and leases the leased businesses to third parties.
Now we ask again?
Why Alaaddin Yılmaz lied to the people of Bolu on August 2013.
The reason for this scrap to the locomotives and wagons 368 thousand pounds have made such a huge expense.
Does Bolu Municipality have so much money?
He brought these wagons to Bolu and exhibited them in Karaçayır, for what purpose were these scraps in Bolu?
What supporters or institutions will be converted into cafes and will benefit from these wagons?
Or is the sea of ​​the municipality?

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