President Topbastan Tuzla subway and basara gospel

Mayor Topbaştan Tuzlaya metro and havaray good news: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and AK Party Metropolitan Municipality candidate Kadir Topbaş gave Tuzla the good news of metro and havaray. Topbaş, who opened the representative offices of his party, asked citizens to vote in local elections.
President Topbaş opened the representative office of his party in Postahane Neighborhood after his investigations in Tuzla. Addressing the citizens here, Topbaş said that they will bring metro to Tuzla from two separate lines, and they are also working on the havaray project to connect the metro line to Tuzla. After the opening of the party election office in Tuzla, Topbaş traveled to some regions with Mayor Şadi Yazıcı and addressed the citizens at the opening of his party's representative office in the Post Office District.
Stating that they will bring metro to Tuzla from two separate lines, Topbaş said,İçmeler Tersane Junction-Kadıköy It connects to the Kartal Metro, thereby providing access by other subways and even by Marmaray. The other line is a line that connects Tuzla to Sabiha Gökçen. We conducted studies with him on the President. We talked about how to pass through which neighborhood. ” said.
Listing its projects for Tuzla Beach, Topbaş announced that a special project is planned for water and light shows. Explaining that it is thought to move the state in İçerenköy to Tuzla in a more modernized way, Topbaş said, “An important activity center of Istanbul will come here. 25 million people will come here. Employment of 25 million people means trade for craftsmen. 2 thousand 500 people will work. An investment of 270 million TL with all kinds of activities in the project we call Tuzla-Viaportmarin. ” used the expression.
Stating that they are also working to connect the metro lines to Tuzla, Topbaş said, “We have a havaray project that reaches here or Marmaray from the metro line. There will be a havaray project to come here. On the other hand, we have a nostalgic tram project for the coast. It will be a tram with a touristic meaning, and we are doing its work. ” spoke in the form.


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