The President watched the documentary Metro wagon range in Istanbul landed up to 70 seconds

The President watched a documentary In Istanbul, the subway car range ranged up to 70 seconds: Kadir Topbas, President of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), entered 2006 one night in 01.00 at night. He turned to television and chose the documentary channel. At that time, there was the program on the New York Metro. This episode in the program attracted the attention of:
- The total length of the New York Subway is 800 kilometers. There is no more chance to expand. How can we increase the passenger capacity of the subway?
One of the experts in the documentary put forward the proposal:
- The New York Subway wagon range is now 2.5 minutes. With optical readers, we can safely minimize this interval and increase the number of trips.
Topbas, he immediately hugged the phone, called the IBB Secretary General:
Now I watched a documentary. Find the copy of that documentary. Watch with the crew about the subway. Then let's talk about this.
The next morning, the team followed the documentary in question and headed to the presidency. Topbas took the impression of the team and gave instructions:
- You're going to New York right now. How they solved the task of increasing the number of trips with optical readers, you learn.
The President of İBB was the guest of the Association of Businessmen of Malatya (MİAD), chaired by Yunus Akdaş. Özak Global hosted the meeting. Necmettin Bitlis, Ahmet Akbalık, Turan Tuna, Sahin Nalbant, Aziz Yeniay, Lokman Cagrici, Tulin Ersoz, Kadir Eris, Naci Ekşi, Ibrahim Nalbant, Yuksel Cengel, Ercihan Ekşi, Turan Eriş, Ali Seydi Karaoglu, Adnan Başdemir names such as joined.
Topbaş told about the documentary in his meeting with MİAD and added:
- At that time, the wagon interval on our Taksim-Levent line was 4.5 minutes. We made the transition to the system with an optical reader. Wagon interval dropped to 90 seconds or even 70 seconds. The capacity of the same line has tripled in an instant.
A program on public transport will be put into operation in the coming period:
- With this program, wherever you are in Istanbul, it will show you the nearest public transportation vehicle, the hours of that vehicle, how long it will take to reach the place you want to go by using that vehicle, with its price.
The daily population movement in Istanbul is 23 million:
- Mobility will increase to 45 million in the future. This mobility is provided only by metro. Now we have the most advanced subway technology in the world. It is also possible to use the trains without a driver.
Topbaş shared his personal goals after transferring his performances, marching and preparing projects:
- I am the first president who served Istanbul for 3 terms, and then I am thinking of withdrawing from politics.
I heard the following comments from some of the MİAD members who voted for the AK Party after the meeting:
- Kadir Topbaş provided very important services to Istanbul. We love him. However, what about the bomb-dropped listening recordings every day?
This interpretation reveals the possibility of listening recordings to be reflected in the ballot box on March 30, even though some are suspicious of mounting.

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