Antalya-Konya high speed train project will be implemented

Antalya-Konya high-speed train project will be implemented: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan, 'Antalya-Konya, Aksaray-Nevsehir and Kayseri speed train project will be implemented. This year we will do the implementation project, 2014 investment budget, 'he said.
After the Kırşehir program, Elvan went to Nevşehir Kapadokya Airport in Gülşehir district by road, and received information from the authorities.
Party participating in the opening of Nevsehir election liaison office Elvan, Turkey's stability and chests at 30 March, the actual answer to citizens disturbed by the growth would blasting and would deteriorate the play schedule and play on the country.
Noting that the AK Party has been producing services in line with the wishes of the people and will continue to produce, Elvan said, “We have overcome everything with our people until today. We will come together from now on, but some people are uncomfortable with this stability and the growth of our country. We will explode the ballot boxes and disrupt their plans and games, ”he said.
quite critical period in the recent history of Turkey that the transfer had Elvan said:
“They executed Menderes, who served this country and brought a way even where people didn't touch, in 1961, there was a coup attempt in 1970, and a coup in 1980. They tried to give us a memorandum, but with your support, we gave them a memorandum. The Republic of Turkey as long as your support and your prayers will not take anyone under guardianship. The 1980s were the days that Turkey was in need of even 50 cents. Think about it even once students who continue their education abroad with a scholarship from the state for $ 200-300 per month scholarships were unable to send Turkey. In the 1990s, there were coalition governments in this country, they could not invest without fighting with them. The Council of Ministers could not convene for months, but now all corners of our country are served.
First the AK Party government of our friends at the time of the establishment went to the US in order to receive loans of $ 1 billion, but now at the point where we have arrived today in Turkey, Palestine, like Somalia experiencing difficulties in the world's various countries oppressed brothers years have become $ 2,5 billion will support. "
- "National income increased by 3,6 times"
Emphasizing that the national income, which was 2002 billion dollars in 236, reached 822 billion dollars, Elvan said, “The national income level has increased by 3,6 times with the AK Party governments. We plan to increase this figure to 2023 trillion dollars in 2. Again, in 2023, we will increase our exports to the level of 500 billion dollars. Just stand behind us. We are doing what is necessary. We have no fear of anyone but God. We made a decision, we will continue to serve this country with our heads straight up and our heads ”.
In Turkey with the values ​​of Nevsehir carry Antalya and after Istanbul that has the largest tourist area from pointing Elven, they create a 185-mile divided highway network in the city, in the tourist area of ​​the region will offer significant infrastructure and superstructure facilities to gain significant momentum to complete the high-speed train project noted.
Elvan continued:
“The number of tourists visiting the Cappadocia region is around 2,5 million, but it is not enough for us. We will realize the Antalya-Konya, Aksaray-Nevşehir and Kayseri high-speed train project, which will show serious development in tourism. We will do the implementation project this year, we have included it in our 2014 investment budget. We set out for service, your well-being and happiness is our happiness. We do whatever you want, we will continue to do from now on. "
Following the speeches, the election liaison office was opened with prayers.
Elvan, who also visited the Governorship, signed the honor book. Following the briefing given by Governor Mehmet Ceylan, Elvan moved to Avanos district.
Elvan, who received information from the Mayor of Avanos Mustafa Körükçü about the bridge project planned to be built in the district, attended the opening ceremony of the district election liaison office of his party.


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