Modern and unobstructed overpass in Calli

Modern and unobstructed overpass from Antalya Metropolitan to Çallı: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality will make Çallı a modern and unobstructed pedestrian overpass on the light rail route. The modern overpass with a ship view will be with a disabled elevator and escalator.
Metropolitan Municipality will make Çallı a pedestrian overpass for the citizens to make pedestrian transportation easily due to the heavy vehicle traffic on Vatan Boulevard. Following the Fatih overpass, the second overpass on the rail system route will be built on Vatan Boulevard. The basis of the overpass project, which is designed to relieve the transportation of citizens with disabilities together with citizens, will be laid at a ceremony on Tuesday, February 11 at 10.00:XNUMX.
The tender of Vatan Boulevard overpass will have a steel construction carrier system with a span of 25 meters. There will be 2 panoramic disabled elevators and 4 escalators on the overpass. The floor covering of the overpass, whose general appearance will resemble the hull of a ship, will be burnt granite and wood iroko. Night lighting will add a visual beauty to the city as well as daytime of Vatan Overpass, where LED lighting will be used.


Günceleme: 29/11/2018 19:44

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