When will Ankara High Speed ​​Train Line finish?

When the Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line will be completed: On the YHT line, which will reduce the railway transportation between Ankara and Istanbul from 7 hours to 3 hours, station constructions have started in Gebze and Izmit.
Within the scope of the Gebze-Köseköy Rehabilitation Project, rail laying works have been completed in the 112 kilometer section.
Within the scope of the project, station constructions started in Gebze and Izmit in the Kocaeli part of the YHT line and 50 percent of the electrification works have been completed.
Within the scope of testing of electrification plants, even high voltage is sometimes supplied. Gebze-Köseköy between the 200 people working on the line, March is aimed to grow.
With the opening of the YHT line between Ankara and Istanbul, the 7 hour rail travel time between the two cities will be reduced to 3 hours.


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