MAN 3 heavy truck manufacturer. observing the way to the airport

MAN 3 heavy truck manufacturer. Spies on the way to the airport: xnumx't selling German MAN trucks to Turkey in 2013, 2059. calculates the fact that the airport works close to 3 and the market will be very active.
MAN, Germany's automotive giant Volkswagen's heavy vehicle manufacturer, will be held in Istanbul, 3. observes the way to the airport.
MAN CEO Tuncay Turkey Bekiroglu, about 1000 trucks will operate a new airport in the construction and mobilization of heavy vehicle market, he said. Bekiroğlu said, “We had a meeting with 1 - 2 companies related to the tender on trucks. The construction of the 3rd airport affects us very positively. ”
In the 1912 man's first major acts in Turkey he had been to build the Galata Bridge. Tuncay Bekiroğlu announced the company's 2013 balance sheet and 2014 expectations at the Zindan Han, once on the shore of the Golden Horn, which had been vacated by this historic bridge.
Last year, the bus sales exceeded the target, the truck in the back a bit remaining Bekiroğlu shared the following information:
Ik We sell 2013 buses at 275, X we sold 407. 222 of them is the travel bus. 185 city bus.
Gaza stepped, Gezi exploded
Since it was before the election, tenders were opened in 2012 and the sale of the city bus exploded. Again, we said 'We sell 2013 trucks' for 2750, we sold 2059. This was due to the market. The market came back 10 percent. We got the full request, there were Gezi events. We hit full throttle, there was December 17. Brake gas is easy for the stock worker… But we have 1 truck in 1 month. It takes 5 months for the bus to come out of the tape with the planning. In 2014, we predicted a shrinkage in the market. Especially because of the world. We were expecting a 10 percent shrinkage, but now it could be more. ”
Bus 400 thousand euro
MAN produces heavy vehicles in Turkey since 1967. Now, only the bus manufactures in its factory in Ankara and the trucks are imported. According to the information given by Bekiroğlu, trucks produced by MAN are sold between 40 thousand and 100 thousand euros, and the price of a bus can go from 200 thousand to 400 thousand euros.
Company 7 percent in truck in Turkey, with 11 percent market share in the bus. xnumx't to 2013 million euros in turnover makes MAN Turkey, it has announced that 435 million euros, mainly export to Europe signature. Bekiroğlu said that they mostly sell their bus companies and that they are among the customers of political parties and public institutions.
Accordingly, last year, the AK Party 2, CHP 1 and MHP 2 MAN bus bus, while the Prime Minister added the 2 bus vehicles.
Alem FM said that a MAN Neoplan was broadcasting on a bus and some of the football clubs preferred their own buses.
I would love Volkswagen
The foundation of which was laid in 1758, MAN has been under the umbrella of German Volkswagen since 2011. Tuncay Bekiroglu often related calls made to produce Volkswagen cars in Turkey, "I'd love to come to Turkey Crafter investment. Sub-industry, market, trained workforce, all here… Poland is a little overwhelming for investment. But the final decision has not been made. ”
Bekiroglu, Turkey's xnumx't percent expressed that they expect growth of close to 2013 said:
“Without the Gezi events, we would have grown 6 percent. In 2014, I expect an increase of 2.5 - 3 percent. ”

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