A train in Spain will open its doors to customers

A train in Spain will open its doors to the customers: Spain's Renfe Railways wanted to be a first in the world.
The company took profits from opening the first hotel on wheels in the world. Train and breakfast at the hotel called train and breakfast will be placed in wagons. The train will travel around the country.
In the extraordinary hotel, there will be a private wagon called Cabina Gran Clase which is not a normal hotel. Here you will include a reception, a cafeteria and a restaurant that will serve customers 24 hours. In the decoration of the Cabina Gran Clase wagon, even the smallest detail was thought to make customers feel comfortable.
Project owners, the mobile hotel, including concerts, theater, sports event visits, including the weekend tour is foreseen, he said. Train and Breakfast will also be available to rent according to the special route and event selection.


Günceleme: 30/11/2018 09:28

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