US Department of Commerce decides to support Turkish steel industry

The US Department of Commerce has decided to support the Turkish steel industry: The United States Department of Commerce has decided that the Turkish steel sector is not receiving government incentives as a result of the countervailing duty investigation. Steel Exporters Association President Namik Ekinci said in a statement on the subject; He stated that Turkish steel sector did not receive any government incentives in line with the ECSC agreement, so they could not understand the investigation opened, and that the investigation was an attempt by some US steel industry members to increase prices, but that the result was in favor of the Turkish steel sector.
The United States (US) Ministry of Commerce launched an anti-dumping (AD) and countervailing duty investigation (CVD) on 4 September 2013 against the importation of m Wire and Wire Rods from Iron and Unalloyed Steel ed originating from our country and Mexico. 19 In the official letter dated February 2014, the US Department of Commerce announced the preliminary results of the investigation of the subsidy and found that the subsidy rates for both firms were resmi de minimis X. According to this decision, the Turkish steel sector will be able to continue to market without any measures.
Officials from the Turkish Ministry of Economy and Steel Exporters, who are continuing the defense efforts of the Turkish side during the trial, expressed great satisfaction that the US authorities have confirmed that the Turkish steel industry has not received any incentives.
Steel Exporters' Association President Namik Ekinci said in his statement: sor We have already stated that we have no right to benefit from the government incentives as Turkish steel industry due to the European Coal Steel Community (ECSC) agreement. While a member of the United States, some of the complainants of the steel industry know that the Turkish steel industry has not been given incentives, their adjustment in order to raise their domestic sales prices has arisen. In addition to this, we regret that they have taken the time and intensive efforts of both the Turkish ministries and the Turkish state as well as the Turkish state, inin Ekinci said, adding, ş On the other hand, we thank the US Department of Commerce for their fair decision. we extend. Our hope is that the trade between the two countries continues freely without the obstacles outside the rules of the World Trade Organization. Örgüt

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