53 bin tree every year

53 bin tree every year to the metro: the city that relieves urban traffic, suburban rail systems, energy efficiency and less carbon emissions protect the environment.
Stating that approximately 428 thousand passengers prefer rail transportation every day in İzmir, 10 thousand trees are saved each year and Yaşar University Head of Energy Systems Engineering Department Prof.Dr. Arif Hepbaşlı drew attention to the article "Slowly but definitely automobile is killing a city" in the European Urban Specifications. Hepbaşlı said that approximately 428 thousand passengers using the subway or suburban system instead of cars every day in the city saved 5 thousand trees, which are 53 times the trees in Kültürpark, with or without knowledge. “For a cleaner environment in Izmir, rail system investments need to increase even more,” Hepbaşlı said.
1 million 20 in Izmir traffic on the motor vehicle, which draws attention to the daily carbon emission. Arif Hepbasli, increased rail systems of the city will take a more comfortable breathing said. Underlining the need for public access to citizens for a clean city, Hepbaslı continued: tı When we look at international standards, we see that the use of trams decreases carbon emissions by almost half compared to buses. For example, the carbon emission per passenger in the 1 kilometer for the tram is 42 grams, which is 69 grams for the bus and 183 for a large engine volume. On the other hand, electric trams mean zero pollution. The tram is the best option for transporting people in densely populated areas, three times better energy than buses. 100 is zero emissions when we turn to renewable energies. N
Emphasizing that the tram, which is an attractive transportation method with its environmentally friendly approach, should be expanded in cities. Dr. Hepbasli continued his words as follows: X We can avoid about 27 grams of carbon emissions per capita by the use of trams instead of buses. Assuming that the 10 uses a tram instead of a bus, we overtake 11 tons of carbon dioxide emissions across the 3 kilometer. With the implementation of the tram project planned in İzmir, it is foreseen that the 85 thousand passengers will be transported a day. In this case, we will have saved 12 bin tree over the years. Bu
Hepbasli reminded that the 428 thousand passengers were transported with Izmir Metro and Izban on the day. Considering the 428 bin 53 tree at Kültürpark, we are saving 290 Kültürpark number of trees a year by using the rail system. Park
1 emission of carbon dioxide per passenger;
- 42 grams for tram
- 65 grams for the subway
- 69 grams for the bus
- 110 grams for a small gasoline vehicle
- 133 grams for a medium vehicle with gasoline
- 183 grams for a large gasoline vehicle.
- In İzmir, there are approximately 500 municipal buses connected to ESHOT. The Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN), which runs between Aliağa Cumaovası line, carries an average of 220 thousand passengers per day. Spending 72 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, İZBAN served 2012 million 50 thousand passengers in 361.
Izmir-Evka 3 line between the Izmir Metro runs an average of 208 thousand passengers per day. In line 2013 he spent about 27 million kilowatt hours of electricity.
In İzmir, according to the 2013 December figures of the Metropolitan Municipality, there is a green area of ​​35 million square meters including metropolitan districts. 12.68 square meter amount of green space per person. In the EU countries where the calculation is made on an active green area, the average amount of urban green areas per person is between 20-40 square meters. This rate is 87,5 in Stockholm, 78 in England, 45.5 in Amsterdam, 45.3 in Rome, 35.7 in France.
According to 1992, the 4 European Urban Specification 'Slowly but surely the car kills a city. In 1 we will now choose the city or the car; Because it won't be two together. çünkü

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