How many Turkish athletes in the Sochi Winter Olympics

How many Turkish athletes are at the Sochi Winter Olympics: .22. The Winter Olympic Games are starting in Sochi, Russia. Turkey participates with only six athletes giant organization.

The 22nd Winter Olympic Games, held in Sochi, Russia, will officially begin after the opening ceremony tomorrow.

The games, which will be started with a ceremony to be held at the Fisht Olympic Stadium in Sochi Olympic Park, will continue until Sunday, February 23.

Bolshoy Ice Dome, Shayba Arena, Iceberg Skating Palace, Ice Cube Curling Center in the olympic park on the coast, RuSki Gorky Ski Jumping Center, Laura Ski and Biathlon Center, Rosa Khutor Alpine Ski Resort, Rosa Khutor Extreme Park and Sanki in the mountain cluster Sliding Center will stage medal competitions in 7 winter sports in 15 branches.

On the coastline, figure skating, speed skating and short-distance speed skating, ice hockey and curling, ski jumping in the mountain area, northern combined, biathlon, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, snowboard, bobsled, skeleton and luge to do.

In the games 12 will be held for the first time in the new discipline competitions. XIUMX billion dollars were spent for Sochi 2014, the most expensive winter games in history.

- 2 thousand 874 athletes will participate

Total 2 thousand 874 athletes will participate in the games, will be the largest participating organization to date.

While there were 2 thousand 566 athletes in Vancouver in the previous winter games, Sochi will set the winter games record with a total of 714 thousand 160 participants, including 2 men and 874 women.

87 athletes will fight the 2 871 on behalf of the 3 country.

Most athletes are from Russia, USA and Canada

In Sochi 2014, the most hosted Russian athletes will appear in the competition areas. Russia is followed by the USA and Canada.

Russia will chase medals in games with a total of 136 athletes including 96 men and 232 women, and the USA with a total of 125 athletes, 105 men and 230 women. The number of athletes in Canada is 99, 220 of which are women. In the history of the USA's winter games, a total of 87, 95 of which are gold, 71 of which are silver and 253 of which are bronze, and 36 of the Russian Federation is gold and 29 He has a total of 26 medals, including silver and 91 bronze. Canada's total number of medals is 52, including 45 gold, 48 silver and 145 bronze.

- 6 athletes attending the Turkey

Turkey participated in the Games for the 16th time, it will be represented by six athletes in three branches in Sochi.

Alper Ucar-Alisa Agafonova duo in ice dancing, in the skiing Word Çetinkaya and Sabahattin Oğlago, Alpine discipline Tugba Kocaaga and Emre Simsek will fight.

8 in the ski event on February Saturday will start with the word Cetinkaya Turkish athletes competition program as follows:

Cross-country skiing
Word Çetinkaya:
8 February Saturday: Women's skiathlon 7,5 kilometer
11 FEBRUARY Tuesday: Women free sprint technique
13 February Thursday: Women 10 Mileage Classic

Sabahattin Oglago:
11 February Tuesday: Men's free sprint technique
14 February Friday: Men's 15 mileage classic

Figure Skating / Ice Dance
Alper Ucar-Alisa Agafonova:
16 February Sunday: Ice dance short dance
17 February Monday: Ice dance free dance

Alpine skiing
Tuğba Kocaağa:
18 February Tuesday: Women big slalom
21 FEBRUARY Friday: Women slalom

More professionals named emre şimşek
19 FEBRUARY Wednesday: Men's large slalom
22 February Saturday: Men's slalom

- High level of security

Prior to the Olympics, where terror threats were made, there is a security practice above the normal procedure.

In addition to the city of Sochi, there are many security forces on the coastal Olympic Park and the mountain's Olympic area, which are about 40 kilometers from the center.

Especially on the routes of the olympic parks and railroads at certain distances in the railroads attract the attention of security officials.

Public transportation vehicles used for transportation to the Olympic areas are constantly under the control of security forces. In the announcements made on the trains, security guards are asked to be informed about the bags and packages which are seen without any ownership.

It is also worth noting that the warships that were held at sea off the Olympic Park.

Many police officers from neighboring cities are also on duty in Sochi for the Olympics, where 37 thousand security guards take part.

Health applications

During the organization of Sochi 2014, it is stated that a total of one thousand 300 specialist doctors and health personnel work.

18 health center 39 health care personnel during the games will work in the health center, including emergency medical units 6 hospital was recorded to support the Olympics.

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