Countdown started for Konya-Istanbul YHT flights

The countdown has started for Konya-Istanbul YHT flights: High-speed train services between Konya and Istanbul start in two months. The transportation between the two cities will be reduced to 3,5 hours and even test drives continue. If there is no big problem, these trains will be completed by the end of March and high-speed trains will begin to carry their first passengers. With the introduction of new projects, the city will soon become a major hub for transportation.

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  1. The capacity and speed increase in rail transports give the country a measure of development. In addition to the spread of the YHT, in the future speed increase is taken into consideration. The opponents of the game should learn to say zaman AK ın and ilerleme AK ın. .. Business follow-up visits, for the return to the training and for those who want comfort, YHT is avoided.