3rd bridge connected to TEM

📩 25/11/2018 18:27

  1. bridge connected to TEM: 3. bridge road merged with TEM. Those who passed TEM in Çavuşbaşı the previous day came to the nose with the construction machines that opened the connection road.
  2. The bridge and Northern Marmara Highway were moving fast, and the junction of the TEM connection road appeared for the first time. 3 from Anatolian Side of Çavuşbaşı Mevkii. In the studies on the connection of the bridge connection road to TEM, an important stage has been reached. The road through the forest area was opened to TEM. In the region, the road continued to work for months.
    In the morning before TEM, drivers who drive from the direction of Anatolia to Europe are on the roadside 3. saw the work of the construction equipment related to the bridge connection. The buckets still continue to work in this region at an intense pace. The viaduct is still under construction for the connection way to the feet began to form. Poyrazköy and Garipçe bridges in the bridge construction continues to be seen in the feet of the bridge.
    On the other hand, the case against 30 opened against the project continues until today. More than 10, the Turkish Chambers of Engineer Chambers of Architects Chamber of Chambers and Chambers of Commerce, no decision has been made by the courts. TEMA Foundation 3. the two had filed against the bridge. 7 of the 6 personality expert delegation, who was assigned to the lawsuits filed by TEMA, said 'yes' to the construction of the bridge. However, the following statement of the expert delegation was remarkable: “If there is no settlement around the bridge, it does not harm the environment as much as it is exaggerated. If not, there will be greater environmental pollution. Yapıl
    29 May Be Launched at 2015
    29, which was made by the IC İÇTAŞ-ASTALDİ consortium with the build-operate-transfer model and opened by the state head in 2013 May 3. Bridge and North Marmara Highway Project is planned to be completed in 29 May 2015.

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