3. Airport Japanese Hitachi's radar

  1. Hitachi's airport radar in Japanese: Japanese Hitachi, closely following projects in Turkey.
    Japoyna infrastructure, engineering and CEO of Hitachi Europe, one of the largest companies in the electronics field Klaus Dieter Rennert, does not change the plans of the recent turmoil in Turkey and Turkey said they saw it as a base.
    Rennert, the third airport, nuclear power plant, Afsin Elbistan and big city hospitals, said they closely followed the projects.
    Very relevant to Elbistan
    In Turkey, especially in energy, railway and metro infrastructure, stating that they are interested in the health sector and health projects Rennert, "We are closely following the nuclear power plant projects in Turkey. We may be subcontractors in existing projects. We also follow developments regarding the third nuclear plant. We are particularly interested in the Afşin Elbistan project. Özellikle
    Klaus Dieter Rennert stated that they are interested in the third airport to be established in Istanbul and the rail system connection of this airport and said: bu We are meeting with the consortium members who took the construction of the Third Airport. We're not in the process of signing yet. Our offer to them was first related to construction machinery. Then we made offer about water cleaning units. We will also have an offer on transportation-related equipment within the airport.
    Natural gas pipe production
    Rennert also related to production in Turkey, "currently do not have a plan, but we signed a new contract about a very small corrugated stainless steel production. We will also produce domestic natural gas pipes. But this is a very early stage. Apart from that, we also buy in Turkey Mars Logistic percent of 51 "he said.

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