3. Airport construction stopped by court order

  1. Airport construction was stopped by court order: 3. The EIA report of the airport construction was stopped by court order. Construction is expected to be delayed by one year.
    Istanbul 3th Administrative Court stopped the EIA report of the 4rd Airport prepared by the Cengiz-Limak-Kolin consortium.
    According to the news published in Birgün; the domestic courts, which ignored the cases filed by professional chambers and democratic mass organizations and referred them to the Council of State through decisions of lack of jurisdiction, decided to halt the execution of the EIA Positive decision of the project.
    The people of Istanbul, 3. had filed a lawsuit against the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, which approved the EIA Positive decision regarding the airport. 3. the airport project will destroy the agricultural areas, affect the natural life, will accelerate the climate change, create noise and electromagnetic pollution, destroy the forest areas and will damage the drinking water basins, the EIA Report should be opened for the opening of the airport project before the end of the 10 day, the reasons of the tender, The decision to cancel and execute the EIA positive decision was requested. Istanbul 4 interviewing the case file. The Administrative Court 21 decided in January to halt the execution of the EIA Positive decision.
    Court, 3. and the execution of the EIA Positive Decision, which led to the tender of the airport project, until the discovery and expert report of the field was examined in court. The court, which asks for an expert witness report, will reconsider the decision to suspend the execution of the tender after reviewing these documents. Realization of the discovery by the assignment of the delegation and the delegation of the 2-3 month, the completion of the report 4 to 5 months, the objections to the court and the court's decision to stop the execution and the reasoned decision will take about 3 months to write the decision of the project related activities At least 10 is expected to stop completely between the months and 1 months.
    Click here for a court decision


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